Ask me stuff that I just told you I don’t know.

I just took a short walk around my work buildning before lunch. I was in some highly important thoughts (like always) listening to music when someone stepped out infront of me..
Student: “Can I ask you some question? I’m from the University radio.”
Me: “Erm..”
Student: “It’s about the Oscars.”
Me: “Oh.. but I don’t know anything about it..”
Student: “I have a list.. you don’t have to know anything.. just pick something from the list here..”
Me: *reading* “…but.. I haven’t even seen any of these movies.”
Student: “I don’t care.. just pick one.. like.. you know who Brad Pitt is..”
She starts testing her microphone.

I’m reading the list and stating that I really haven’t seen any of the movies. And I don’t really care that much about any of the actors on that list. And why can’t I ever say no? I don’t want to be on the radio.

Student: “So who do you think will win as the male lead?”
Me: *damnit* “…Sean Penn.” (Wth do I know.. but Brad Pitt will probably get it..)
Student: “Why?”
Me: *dumb struck* Did she just not tell me to just pick a name when I said I had not seen any of these movies? *taking one step away from her* “..But I have no idea?!” Giving her a look of ‘What the hell are you doing?’
Student: “….okay.. so for the ladies then?”
Me: “…..Kate Winslet..” *don’t you ask me why*
Student: “Right. And as the best movie? What do you think?”
Me: “…that’ll probably be Benjamin Button..”
Student: “…thank you!”

Thinking about it.. I should have said names that wasn’t even on the list.
“Best movie?”

Don’t put that on the radio please.

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