From Swallowing Grandma.

Reading Swallowing Grandma by Kate Long.

Page 53:
“As I walked up to the entrance I caught sight of Mr Poole sitting half-hidden in a winged chair behind a weeping fig. He had a tea towel over his lap and his hand beneath it was jerking up and down, up and down. Christ, I thought. Even in here it’s full of pervs.
I veered slightly so that I would pass near him, and hissed, “You’re disgusting”, at the top of his head.  He looked up, surprised. His face seemed odd and naked. As I glared at him the cloth fell away across his knee and I could see that he was  holding a pair of glasses in his lap. His flies, I noted, were completely closed.
“Just a sec”, he said, sliding the glasses onto his nose.
“That’s better. Couldn’t see a blessed thing before.” He peered up at me. “Now, what’s tha sayin’?”
“It needs dusting. This place.”


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