I have seen Bob Dylan.

We saw Bob Dylan last night in Stockholm. Bob freaking Dylan!

It was so good. But as I read in a review: “You could almost hear what he sung”. That sums it up pretty good. To me it mostly sounded like “blahabla blaha blaha Desolation road” (oh it’s Desolation road). At some points I noticed I was smiling at how it sounded. How rude. It was really hard to hear any words though. Still it was magical. Dylan is a genius.

I also wanted to smack myself in the face after an hour as I was so tired and my eyes wanted to stay closed after every blink. That’s unacceptable really.

Songs he did do that I noticed, he does change them a lot live, and I’ve only listened to his old stuff.
Desolation road
Highway 61
Rolling stone

Lay, Lady, Lay (they played this outside before the concert and I was singing in the cue. In the concert his singing made me so confused I couldn’t sing along at all.. hah)
Blowin’ in the wind
The “Everybody must get stoned”-song.. can’t remember the title.. (titles and me don’t go hand in hand)

I’ve never been in such a long cue before to get into a concert at Globen. It was SO bloody cold! I had a sleeveless dress (yes the Topshop one with hearts), stockings and my red converse shoes on. And my coat. The wind went right through me. Brr. We sat down at 19.30 and he got on stage 19.40, which was impressive. People never keep the time, but he did.

10p for Dylan!

5 Responses to “I have seen Bob Dylan.”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Yay! Jag ska se honom i Malmö på lördag :) Min kompis är riktig dylan-nörd så jag blir peppad och upplärd nu ;)

  2. Jenny Says:

    Men vad kul! Du måste berätta om det var bra sen.
    Det var sjukt häftigt att se honom live.

  3. iGnored Says:


  4. Jenny Says:

    Och med det menar du?

  5. iGnored Says:

    Säg det. -.-‘

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