I got a letter from a school I went to in ’99 yesterday. They informed me it was a reunion this year in April ’cause it’s been 10 years. I wouldn’t go if they paid me.

I left high school in ’98 and had no idea what so ever about what I wanted to do. So I stayed in my home town for a year and worked, 6 months with a clothes designer and 6 months in a photo store. Then I decided I wanted to live where my friends had moved, which was Växjö, so I found this school that had a course in Photography. Which was the school I got the letter from. That year didn’t really do anything good, more than moving.
They wrote that someone in every class should call around and get as many classmates possible to come. I’m not really worried that someone will call me. I really hope no one will.
I have a videotape we did in a lesson, one girl did a presentation of everyone in the class and she called me “a tiny snow white” or something like that.
I remember hearing them saying strange stuff about me, but no one ever talked to me (except the 4 friends I had).

Funny thing is that they also sent a photo of attendants from last years reunion. NO ONE was under 60y. Hah! Yeah, I so wanna go. I want to meet everyone that’s ever gone to that school.

I’m gonna toss that letter.

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  1. Louise Says:

    Toss it!! Do eeeeeeeeet!

    P.S. When is our reunion?

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