I’m seeing things. I thought the cat was walking up beside me this morning and out the door when I said bye to matt.
Just now I thought there was something infront of me while I was walking out to the hallway.
Delusional. Nice.

Or it’s just the fact that I really need to cut my bangs.

4 Responses to “Yeah.”

  1. Louise Says:

    Maybe you got a little fever too? That always makes me see weird things…

    I like your hair, it’s so cool with the 50%brown 50% blond thing here in the picture!

  2. Jenny Says:

    I don’t think I have a fever today, but I’m stuffed up. I got my voice back. Sort of.
    Me likes it too. I need to bleach it again. It grows like it’s on crack.

  3. Louise Says:

    Tell me about it, silly hair. Can you cut mine too? Voice is back, does that mean you’re coming over to our 80’ies Singstar Night tonight? :D

  4. Jenny Says:

    ‘Course I’ll cut yours. You want it Vicky-style right? Or something or nothing.
    Singstar.. I just lost my voice again.. cough. I’ll look at you going at it though. Yeah.

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