And this is today.

Just came back from a walk. 40 minutes with Tigerlou in my ears. I’ve decided to try walking more. It was decided last week. I’ve been pretty good so far, walked 3 times. In a week. And I’m a really comfy person. I would never set my foot in a gym. Running I tried two summers ago, did that 3 times then stopped. So boring. Walking is okay since I can do it where ever. With music.

Mm where was I.. It’s really windy today so I almost blew away. My skirt was up at my waist, so thanks for no-see-through-black-stockings today.

The walk was really a very long detour to the store. The cashier-dude was being a twat trying to be impressive by juggling my avocado before charging it. Yeah, I was so impressed. That was the funniest thing from the walk. Talented little cashier.

I’m gonna go make dinner now; big sallad with veggie-burger-thingy, and then draw an idea I’m working on in my head.

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  1. Louise Says:

    Jendellina! Ja, I hate going to the gym too. I tried it twice in my life (two longer periods, mind you, not actually 2x) but got bored with it too. Now I’m playing tennis (also for the second time in my life) and it’s much more fun! We’re gonna have to do lots and lots of walking in London in the next few days (going up by train tomorrow) Coming back on Thursday. I think I’ll buy new shoes because my feet hurt a little in the ones I brought…not so good when you have to do so much walking, hmm? Hugs!

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