Another boring headline.

I finished The Host (by Stephenie Meyer) last night. The ending was a bit unexpected, but much better than what I thought would happen. It was really good. Can’t wait for her to give out a new book. I love the way she writes.
I’ve asked my brother (Benny) to buy the book for my other brother (Micke). It was all sold out here, but they had it in Stockholm. Micke had his birthday in January so that’s his present. Not late at all. We haven’t been home since Christmas. We also bought a Whiskey bottle and 2 Whiskey glasses for my dad, who had his birthday in February.

Pelvis (13:03):
I bought the whiskey as well. yesyes.
Jenkins (13:03):
Try not to drink it now then.
Pelvis (13:04):
hehe, that’s not a problem.
Jenkins (13:04):
Well I wonder!
Pelvis (13:04):
I’ll bring it tonight!
Jenkins (13:04):
Yes! It’ll be a drag otherwise!
Pelvis (13:04):
I bought this one: http://systembolaget.se/SokDrycker/Produkt?VaruNr=513
Jenkins (13:08):
sounds disgusting enough.

Benny also had his birthday in February. I gave him a ticket for Jeff Dunham’s show that is TODAY. (Go search for him on Youtube if you’ve missed him.) I’m so excited to see him. I’m expecting to laugh so I’ll get a stomach ache. Matt, me and Benny are going to meet up Linda there. I bought four tickets, last one for Bennys girlfriend who then couldn’t go. So I made Linda come with us.
Fun times.

On Thursday afternoon we are going to my parents house, for Easter and to celebrate everyone’s birthdays. That’s just a 4something hour drive. After half of it Kissen usually thinks it’s time to do number 1, or number 2, in her travel box. It’s a lovely ride, as you can imagine.

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