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Kissen goes diabetic – Day 2


So she’s doing better today. She’s not drinking water like a maniac anymore. She’s drinking like a normal little cat. The blood testing is still not perfect, but a lot better than yesterday.
Her blood sugar has gone from 23,1 (yesterday morning) to 16,5 (this evening).

The really early mornings will make me a forever zombie though. I usually start working at 10, but I guess I’ll be there after 8 tomorrow then.. zzz on that.

Kissen’s first day with her insulin.


We spent 4,5 hours at the animal hospital yesterday. They had long waiting periods between talking to the vet, taking blood test, getting results of blood test (1,5 hours actually), talking to vet, talking to diabetic-vet. It was a long day. Kissen was totally exhausted by the end of it, sleeping in her cage while we got the How-to. So much information to remember, and after all those hours and a massive headache you really had to concentrate not to miss a thing. We got a lesson in blood testing, reading of the results, putting a needle in her neck and her new diet.

This is all her stuff, that we have to use twice a day:

This tests the amount of sugar in her blood. The thing looking like a pen is the needle. The little can holds the sticks which you put the blood on and the device then measures it. On cats you stick them in the ear, or under the paw if you really can’t get any from the ear.  (Costs: + needles for the insulin-pen:  266 sek/$34)
We didn’t have any luck at the vet with getting blood from her ear, it’s like she has no blood there. We tried last night but nothing. This morning she got really pissed at us after trying to long. We really HAD to get some blood. Finally we got a tiny tiny drop and the little device said “Yey, that’s enough blood”. This has to be done at the same times everyday. Today we did it at 08.00 (I was a zombie).

We then must keep a record of all measures. One time in the morning, one in the evening.
This morning her blood sugar was at 23.1mmol/l. I can’t remember what that meant, but I think it’s a bit high. If she ever gets close to 5 we must call the vet. After this she can eat.

And this is her food. She can’t have anything else. We need to be exact on how much she gets every day, which for her weight(3,9kg) is 60g / day. (Costs: A bag with 2kg; 200 sek/$25.50)
This part is not so fun. If she eats all she can have we can’t give her more even if she screams for it. Which she does. She’s used to always having food in her bowl so she can eat when she wants too. We’ll have to give her 30g in the morning, after blood test. Then give her the insulin, as she must eat if she’s having insulin. If she eats well we can give insulin before, but in the beginning we were told to do it like this. Then in the evening she’ll get the last 30g.

This is the insulin. It has to be in the fridge. On the top shelf, and not in the door. It’s very important not to shake it as the insulin gets useless then. And it can’t freeze. (Costs:  596 sek/$76)
There are 5 pens in this box, each containing 100ml. Kissen is going to get 4 units (as they call it) every day. So this should last a while. The feeling of putting a needle in her neck is really weird. The vet gave me a normal syringe at the hospital filled with, I think, saline solution as I had to learn how to do it. Now this pen’s needle was A LOT shorter so it was hard to feel that it really went into her skin. You have to grab the neck skin and make a little tunnel and that’s were the needle is going. This she doesn’t feel.
I don’t like the smell of this at all. My dad and brother has diabetes so I’m familiar with the smell, the pen and everything.

These are the needles for the pen, which must be changed every time. After use you throw them in the yellow container, which when it’s full must be handed into the pharmacy. (Costs: + blood sugar tester:  266 sek/$34)
This is the easiest part of everything.. putting on a needle on the pen, and throwing it. Not much to say about it. The needle is really thin and short.

And this is the actual pen that has the insulin. Can’t be shaken, not be in direct sunlight. The pen you use is going to be in room temperature.

Before using it you turn the end to 2, as in 2 units. You take of the cap, flick it once with your finger so it doesn’t have any air bubbles. Take a grip of her neck and make that tunnel then stick in the needle and then press and hold it for 10 sec. so all the insulin comes out. And then it’s done. She doesn’t react to this. I did it the first time for real this morning. I’m thinking about shaving her a little bit around the neck as I found it hard to feel that the needle really went in.

It will be a lot of work to get this into routine, but for now it feels okay. There was no “let her be and see how long she can live a normal life”, here as the other vet said. There was no question about treating her. We discovered it fast she said, and sometimes cats recover from it. I’m really pleased with the animal hospital. They are all so nice and helpful there. We are going to call them next week for a new appointment to see how she’s doing. (Costs: Animal hospital, blood test, recepie 1170 sek / $150)

Love = cat




My cat has been diagnosed with diabetes.

We went to the vet yesterday, with a pee-sample, and it was tested positive for diabetes. She has been extremely thirsty these last weeks.  She has lost weight as well, but we thought that was because of her food. I wish we would have understood this earlier.

I’m not feeling like writing this down, but I think I should. I need it saved for future treatment.

2007. She got her vaccination. She was then 5,7kg. The vet said it was too much, we started to give her Light food.

2009-05-18. Vaccination. Vet said she was now 4,2kg. I don’t know if it’s due to the change of food, or the diabetes coming at her. Were told to be back next week with a pee-sample.

2009-05-26. Vet tested her positive with diabetes. On the scale again. First he said she was 4,4kg. I was relieved she didn’t loose weight, she actually gained some. After checking her over he checked again and now he said she was 3,7kg.  His scale wasn’t completely accurate. It’s very hard now to know for sure if she was 4,4 last week. Or if he was wrong that time too, as the first time today.
That’s when tears came. If she actually lost 0,7kg in a week, it’s not good.
I had some difficulties to take the information he gave me at the time, he didn’t think cats should be given injections every day, and “perhaps we should give her a normal life, as long as she has”. I couldn’t really think.

After researching I found some people saying they gave their diabetic cat pills, instead of injections. So we went to the animal hospital today, bought food for Diabetic cats, got an appointment with a vet there on Friday to talk about it. I need a second opinion.

It’s totally unthinkable not to have her in my life. Extremely unthinkable.

Tell me if you know anything about this, please.

Lyra vs. Mario

I had to fix my head today.


Bleaching is not fun. So it ends up looking like this until I feel like doing something about it

And then after one hour of wishing there were magical invisible fingers scratching my head

(elf ears grew out during the bleach)

My eyes aren’t blue either. Photoshop does magical things. While on the subject of eyes. I went to the optician yesterday. I was there a week ago checking my eyes and getting a new prescription for contacts, but when I was about to order them online it said my type wasn’t being made anymore. That should have been something the optician knew about.

Any ways, this other optician gave me another kind, which I got for free. He said he could see a sign after a little infection in my eye, which I haven’t noticed at all and he was being weird about me saying I hadn’t felt anything strange. Kinda weird that the other optician didn’t see that a week ago. Especially since he said my eyes looked PERFECT.

So, lesson for today is opticians can’t be trusted. Mhm.

Rain, it’s love.


At work. Going home now. It’s raining SO much it’s silly. I’m SO glad I didn’t bring my jacket today.

See you in the flood!

From my phone.


So I fixed my phone some weeks ago. I had to reinstall it. And I had these funny little photos on it, before it all went away.


Christmas 2007 &  summer ’08 on a train to Stockholm.

Autumn ’08 & Christmas ’08.

New kitchen.


We just redid our kitchen. We’ll the dinning area, which is never used. The person who put that wallpaper and border up must have  been completely without taste.

Before & during

And la di da


I’m still waiting for the birds to arrive, very photoshoped on here. They’re vinyl stickers from a seller on Etsy. Hopefully I’ll get them next week. The tree picture will be on the other wall.
So that’s the kitchen now.