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A low day.


My friend Wedge keeps saying Kissen is Russian.

It’s so hard to know how to sort Kissens diabetes out at all situations. Two days now her blood sugar has been very low. In the beginning of this week it was at 3,2 in the morning. After talking with the vet we decided to take her insulin unit down to 2/2 again ( from 3/2). And that morning I was not to give her any insulin until 12, IF the blood sugar was higher. We gave her some dextros after her food to get it up. When I got home at lunch it was up at 17.

This morning she was at 6,something. I called the vet but I got no answer so I thought they’d probably tell me to do the same as I did last time. Wait until lunch time. So I did and it was now up at 22. So I gave her the insulin.

The vet said her body might be producing insulin again and that’s why it drops. It’s so many things to think of..

Eyechips from Brainworm.


Finally bought some eye chips  for the Blythes Isla and Molly, and the custom Pullip that I must really finish so I can sell her.
I’ve been planning to buy eye chips for over a year, then when I manage to do it I buy 1 pair too much.. Oh well.. there’s girl’s to wear them at least.



Noor, Nell and Lyra doing the Frog dance, as all kids do on this day.

Spent Midsummer in Vimmerby in my parents  house with Matt and my brother. Watched 3 movies; Yesman (f.u.n.n.y.), You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (so funny!) and then The Oxford Murders (a bit confusing, but still good). On Saturday Anneli came over and we watched another movie (what!?), Ghost Town (with Greg Kinnear and Ricky Gervais).
That was Midsummer this year. Oh yeah, and it rained pretty much the whole weekend.

I have a movie dealer.


Wedge buys me great movies from England that sucky Sweden doesn’t have. Such a sweet pie.

I got gifts today.

Wedge gave me hair clips, an Owl suitcase and a mushroom book mark!
Thanks pieface!

And today.

I was looking through my flickr and found this photo

Jenny and Jenny. We know how to dress.
I miss you! Go to Uppsala. Ok. Good.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m going to order this little girl on the 17th when Lati opens. Can’t say I agree with the price they put on her, or that you get the clothes “as a gift” when the price is $270. Right.
But her eyes. Oh the doom is upon us.

“Lati white SP Bayer”

Elvira and kitty talk.


Elvira from today.

- – – – – – – -

I bought a kitchen scale today for the cats food. She can only have 32g (yeah..) two times a day. The measure cup that we have is very inaccurate and she’s hungry all the time.
Last night I was trying to sleep, and the cat was hungry. She then thinks the best way to show us she is hungry is to be as annoying as she possibly can. She went into my fabric stash (one time I found her lying IN there in the middle of the night), I heard the scratching she had to do to get in there. After moving her I tried to sleep again, 5 minutes later I hear strange noises from the kitchen. She was sitting like a statue ON the counter by her cat food bag, completely still just staring at me. All I saw was the white markings on her head. She is so sneaky!
I feel bad for not being able to give her food when she’s hungry.

And I can no longer keep her food at this excellent place on the counter.



I had a gift certificate on Åhlens for 100 sek so I got this on the sale for 79sek. All my money has gone to Kissens diabetes stuff so yey for a “free” top.

– – – – – – – – –
The date with the vet went okay. She said we seemed to be doing really good and so was KittyCat. She had gained 0.2kg. It’s not much, but I like that it’s going up, not down. We got instructions to give her 3 units (insulin) in the morning instead of 2 as her blood sugar is still high. We could also give her 5g more food hah! 5g. Her daily amount of food has now raised to 65g. She’s always hungry poor thing.

Another date with the veterinarian..


So, today is our second date with our veterinarian (that sounds very much like vegetarian..). I must also buy the cat more special food, as they only sell it over there. Bye, bye money.

It was total zombie-mode this morning. Matt woke me up at 7.20 and I just couldn’t wake up. I was awake, but I couldn’t open my eyes. It was wonderful. I manage to get up, pricked the cat in her ear (at a weird place, must have been blind), then crawled right back to bed  (dreamt that Matt had given the cat 4 units instead of 2) and woke up at 10. I have to leave work around 1.. so success on today.

I’m hoping that Kissen has gained some weight, it looks like she has.. but you can’t really trust your eyes on that one. I think they’ll want to give her more units / time. Her blood sugar is still high. Still she’s much more active now, yesterday she was running around chasing Matt and being all weird and lovely.

Spotify song.


This song, check it out!

MGMT – Kids: spotify:track:2IAcYOEnZWTn3yR6LDslRY

Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted
To be haunted

And the video is fantastic.

Another blood test.

I’m lucky to have such a good cat. I think she’s just gotten tired of it 3 times, which means she bites you in the hand.
(Turn off or lower the sound)

Today – Thundercats.


Oh Thundercats. We used to play Thundercats when I was a kid in our basement. We jumped around on pretend trees.

Birds of kitchen.


Oh right. The kitchen is finished. Well apart from that tree photo..