A low day.

My friend Wedge keeps saying Kissen is Russian.

It’s so hard to know how to sort Kissens diabetes out at all situations. Two days now her blood sugar has been very low. In the beginning of this week it was at 3,2 in the morning. After talking with the vet we decided to take her insulin unit down to 2/2 again ( from 3/2). And that morning I was not to give her any insulin until 12, IF the blood sugar was higher. We gave her some dextros after her food to get it up. When I got home at lunch it was up at 17.

This morning she was at 6,something. I called the vet but I got no answer so I thought they’d probably tell me to do the same as I did last time. Wait until lunch time. So I did and it was now up at 22. So I gave her the insulin.

The vet said her body might be producing insulin again and that’s why it drops. It’s so many things to think of..

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  1. Elena Says:

    Your cat is super adorable!!!!

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