Elvira and kitty talk.

Elvira from today.

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I bought a kitchen scale today for the cats food. She can only have 32g (yeah..) two times a day. The measure cup that we have is very inaccurate and she’s hungry all the time.
Last night I was trying to sleep, and the cat was hungry. She then thinks the best way to show us she is hungry is to be as annoying as she possibly can. She went into my fabric stash (one time I found her lying IN there in the middle of the night), I heard the scratching she had to do to get in there. After moving her I tried to sleep again, 5 minutes later I hear strange noises from the kitchen. She was sitting like a statue ON the counter by her cat food bag, completely still just staring at me. All I saw was the white markings on her head. She is so sneaky!
I feel bad for not being able to give her food when she’s hungry.

And I can no longer keep her food at this excellent place on the counter.

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