Bearbit hat game.

So, we were just educated about the newly found breed BEARBIT
(a lovely little cross between a bear and a rabbit, of course)

If you found one in the woods what would you name it?

Write a name, in the comments here, that you think would
fit perfectly and the hat can be yours!  Woho and such..

Bearbit hat.

11 Responses to “Bearbit hat game.”

  1. Wedge Says:

    I would name it Sebastian, because Sebastian Bearbit sounds great.

  2. Linda Gavin Says:


  3. Linda Says:

    Wolfgang, just because you don’t hear that name every day!
    Unless it’s a female of course… then I’d go for Betty…. Betty Bearbit.

    Can you easily tell male and female bearbits apart, without the obvious turning them upside down? Cause somehow I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate that.

  4. Rach Says:

    Um, I think I would go for ‘Mr Benjiman bearbit’ which is why I stick to my day job :D

  5. the happiest princess Says:

    binky bearbit!

  6. Mayonaka Says:

    I’d probably have to name mine Leon Bearbit. One because that’s the name of my bf and I think he’d probably be a bearbit instead of a rabbit or a bear (his face is hairy enough to be one. o.o), and two because it has a nice ring to it. ^_^

  7. Linda Gavin Says:

    binky is good! I vote for the happiest princess!

  8. Cherry Says:

    I like the name Butternut. :)

  9. Idamis Calero Says:

    I will say Berry Bearbit becasue Bearbits must like to eat berries lol!

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