You could call that a dream.

I had this strange dream about American celebrities.. very weird.

Some celeb named Nikki was staying at my house, but then suddenly just vanished. I somehow then ran into an ‘old friend’, which strangely enough was that Megan Fox lady (I have seen her photo in some magazine so my brain must have picked that up fast. In the dream her name was Jennifer though and even more strange; when I googled to see who this lady was I saw that one of her movies is called ‘Jennifer’s body’..).

Well, she was very fixed on not letting anyone know who she was when we were out.. but then in a store she started to sing and act all strange and I asked her if she’d forgotten all about her not being noticed. Some dude then came up to her and told her how hot she was and they went home to his house (hah). I was all left alone AGAIN.

Outside of the store I ran into some other girl and I asked her if she had Nikki’s phone number, which she had. I then called her up and now she was speaking Swedish which I thought was very strange. She was at some party and I told her that it was extremely rude to come visit me, then just run off with someone else. I then told her to never call me again and hung up (hah again).

So feeling all abandoned from my famous American friends. I walked around in town (I was back in my home town now), there was some kind of a market and I found a booth with BJD dolls from Domadoll (erm.. yeah). The first ones I saw were Pez-dispensers with bjd doll heads on them for $4 and then I decided to get a bjd as well and my dad showed up beside me and said ‘Take this one..’

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  1. Jenny Says:

    Tackar tackar! Lillebror ├Ąr underbar! :)

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