Days and dreams.

Matt has been sick since Wednesday. And he gave me a light version of what ever he had. Bleh. There has been lots of soup for 3 days. And tea. Endless tea.

I have had some funny dreams though, in my light fever sleeps.

1. I called Matt’s phone and a girl answered it. When I asked who she was she said “I’m his gf.”

2. Linda had a friend over from Holland. And 5 minutes after he meet Anneli they had a son together. I thought it was moving a bit fast.

3. I was at some meeting, everyone was sitting at this really big table. In comes Robert Pattinson. He sits down, then starts acting like a real nut; demanding stuff (he stole a persons hamburger), being loud and swearing(!). I then say ‘He’s just pretending to be a bastard so everyone will leave him alone here’.

The last one made me laugh.

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