More about the lottery.

It’s so fun to see that so many of you wants to join! Thanks!

There’s been some questions so I thought I should write something about.. ‘the rules‘.

- You can join in if you have the doll, or if you just bought the doll, or are planning in a very near future to buy the┬á doll. Don’t join if you might buy the doll some day. It would actually be fun for me to see the clothes on a doll.
– You can join in any day you want. You can even join in on every day if you want.
– It’s totally free, and shipping is on me.

And this is how it’s gonna work.
The first lottery will start on Monday 23rd. If you want to join in on this day you just leave a comment on that day (there will be some kind of funny sentence to put in just so I know it’s a join). I will then have to approve the comments (so don’t go nuts if the comments don’t show up in a little while hah). I will make a list of numbers and everyone will get one.
On Tuesday 24th, the next lottery begins, and so on.. until Sunday 29th.
Every lottery will be open for a week (so Mondays lottery will close on Monday the 30th and so on).
I’ll have a friend of mine pick a number.


If you have any other questions, ask away!

3 Responses to “More about the lottery.”

  1. annina Says:

    yes i have one, being a night owl, sometimes i only get up at 3pm or 4pm. how long will we be able to get a number in the day? meaning, i would love a number on friday but if the draw is at 4pm i might miss it. ;)
    (guess i should start to get up earlier, haha ;)

    love your illustrations, and looking forward to the lottery, i’m all happy about it :D

    . . . . . . . . . .
    Hehe well the only way you’d miss it is if you’d be asleep for a week! ;D
    So Fridays lottery will actually be open Friday to Friday. So there is not way to miss it.

  2. toveb Says:

    I have many dolls. I plan on getting more dolls. I have just bought a doll. :-)

    . . . . . . . . . .
    That sounds just like you!

  3. annina Says:

    thank you, hahaha, i will make sure to not sleep the whole week through!
    Tove, buy more dolls, go go go! ;)

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