So, the little lottery.

So it will probably start on Monday 23rd and stretch to Sunday 29th of November.
I would have wanted it to be next week,┬á but I’m going away this weekend so I won’t have time to fix everything for this Monday (bu).

Any ways. Photos will come next week.

Here’s a list while we wait:
Monday: Lati Green / Dress-top in baby doll style with tiny shorts.
Tuesday: Lati White / Strap dress with stockings.
Wednesday: MSD / Dress with something I haven’t done yet.
Thursday: DollnDoll Heart / Baggy dress with a bear hat.
Friday: Lati White SP / Dress with stockings.
Saturday: Blythe / Baggy dress with stockings.
Sunday: CH Little Junior / Still a secret, even for me. Guest sewing by Linda.

– – – – – –
And it will work in the easiest way; comment & get a number. We wait a while, a number is drawn. Winner gets a mail. Yipi!

9 Responses to “So, the little lottery.”

  1. annina Says:

    i marked the week and especially the friday in my calendar, so much fun!
    thank you for doing this :)

  2. Mayonaka Says:

    I have a question that I don’t think was answered on your flickr pic. Are you still able to do it if a doll is in your saving plans? ‘Cause I’m saving for a DollnDoll Heart Bubble. ^^,,

    . . . . . . . . . .
    Oh right. Yeah, if you are getting the doll I don’t see why not.

  3. Juul Thijssen Says:

    How great! i will keep an eye on this :)

  4. nab Says:

    you are great making this!!!!, I want a number for wednesday my first msd is coming yeahhhhhh and if I can participate twice for friday :D

  5. Linda Says:

    Sunday will be a blouse with puffy sleeves and collar, and a short brown corduroy skirt for Little Junior Girls/Odree, which I think means it should work fairly well for Narsha as well. Very cute if you ask me ;)

  6. Holly Says:

    This is so fun! Thanks for doing this! :D

  7. DoodleMarti Says:

    Yay! A lottery!! I never win, but I always try!!
    You can count of me on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday!
    I’ve all of these dolls, as you know ;)
    Please please please..so maybe this time I’ll be lucky! Who knows?!

  8. Teresa Says:

    Today,tuesday is the day for the Lati White lottery! My Violet needs a new dress for Xmas :)

    . . . . . . . . . .
    Well, the dates are written out here.. it’s not today. It’s next week. Next week! ;D

  9. Vicki Says:

    Oh wow what fun :D Can i be put down for Friday please?
    Thank you

    . . . . . . . . . .
    Thanks for wanting to join! You’ll have to come back on Friday the 27th though, when I post the lottery for that day.

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