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Spam of the day.


“Hey, you used to write magnificent, but the last few posts have been kinda boring…
I miss your tremendous writings. Past few posts are just a little out of track! come on!”

You used to write magnificent spam, but the last few have been kinda boring. Come on!

And this is me today.


Summer dress.

I tried a new pattern yesterday evening. Turned out pretty lovely. Added braided silk bands as shoulder strap.

I love this fabric. Wouldn’t mind a dress for myself in it either.

Another Etsy update.

These used to be kids tops, they always have the most perfect scenes.

A hero. A bat hero.


New clothes.


I just added some sweater dresses for Littlefee dolls at my Etsy shop.


I’m starting to really like this lady. Just 1,5 years after her arrival.

Revenge of Marmite!


My lovely friend Wedgeh, a.k.a Big Pie, and I have this funny ‘Revenge’ going on. I send her massive packages of Liquorice, which she hates. She sends me Marmite in every form possible, which I.. don’t eat.

This is her recent revenge after receiving a big bag of mixed liquorice and a yummy lollipop filled with salty liquorice salt.

Marmite jackpot. The one thing I do like with Marmite is their packaging.

And an extra lovely drawing of a Evil big haired Marmite Sprite smearing my face full of Marmite.

Little dolls in illustrations.

Christin found this place to make these.. things. So in a bored state I made the whole doll family.

[Made at: plustg.com/dream]

Play suit.


I made a new pattern, a play suit for Secretdoll Persons. Still needs some tweeking I think, but Theodora still rocks it.



The best fabric is found at Kids clothes departments. Here, tractor fabric from Lindex.

Use to be a baby onsie, now a sweater dress for Littlefee.

Theodora for Franka.

Theodora models a dress made for Jess’s Franka. This fabric is so amazing and soft. Perfect colours and I think it’s my fave of the moment.

Topshop order.

They better fit. Or else..

Mad Man Moon.


Lati whites on Puki bodies.


I just modded my Lati Whites. Finally they can pose! Actually, Belle hasn’t been able to stand for years.
Thanks to Louise this finally happened.

The Lati White Belle had to have her neck hole modded with a beveller, was not very hard. Lati White SP has a perfect fit from start.

Choco Puki Rose, Lati White SP mystic Bayer & Lati White Belle.