5 day give away – Person *closed*

On the last day of our fun give away sneaky Theodora is out wearing this crazy summer dress with red crabs, it has a tiny heart button on the front and closes with velcro in the back. If this dress means your little Person will only walk sideways is yet to be told..

If you want to bring this little dress home write a comment here and you’ll be given a number which will be picked on Friday the 15th (comments needs to be approved so they might not appear right away).

This give away is very free.
Only the dress is included.

1. Julie H. 2. bonita 3. Karo 4. Emma
5. Shershe 6. astrosnik 7. zorropirate 8. Lana
9. Nixipixi 10. Litschi 11. Sharon H 12. Alexis
13. Brianna 14. Rumiko 15. Annie 16. Lucy
17. paula 18. charmin 19. jeni 20. Katarina
21. Sparrow 22. Lului 23. Vicky 24. Maryjane
25. Cristina 26. Christine

26 Responses to “5 day give away – Person *closed*”

  1. Julie H. Says:

    I have to put in for this one, that is a really cute dress! I really like that print.

  2. bonita Says:

    Always loved that fabric! My Roos would be really happy to finally get a dress for her own instead of stealing clothes from my other dollies…

  3. Karo Says:

    I am so excited about this one!
    Thanks again!

  4. Emma Says:

    It’s adorable. .. fingers crossed!

  5. Shershe Says:

    Mim would be angry is I missed entering this one. :)

  6. astrosnik Says:

    Awww, perfect crabby dress for Persons!

  7. Jess "zorropirate" Says:

    Another fantastic print!!

    Crabba crabba crabba!!!

  8. Lana Says:

    Henrietta INSISTS that I enter this (she says to enter many times but I’ll just stick to once). She wants that crabby dress and truly, there is no one crabbier than Henrietta :)

    Thank you for having a fun give away!!!

  9. Nixipixi/Nikola Says:

    so cute! thanks for holding this wonderful give-away:) fingers crossed:)

  10. Litschi Says:

    This fabric is amazing I’ve always loved it and so did my girl <3

  11. Sharon H Says:

    My Persons are both so crabby anyway, that this outfit would be just perfect for them!!!

  12. Alexis Young Says:

    Oooh! This is the one I would LOVE to be lucky enough to win! Those crabs are just too cute.
    Thanks again for the giveaway!!

  13. Brianna Says:

    Love this!

  14. Rumiko Says:

    Me please :D

  15. Annie Says:

    Hello sweetie!

  16. Lucy Says:

    Eeeeeep! Well of course I have to enter this one!! Love this fabric =)

  17. paula Says:

    I Love all you do and usually am too late to get anything so hopefully I’ll be able to win this lovely crab dress for my “crabby” Veruca :D Keeping fingers crossed! Thanks!

  18. charmin_chatty Says:

    Cutest dress ever. She could wear it when we go to Red Lobster.

  19. jeni bunny Says:

    I don’t have a person but could I still join? I’m sure this would fit on someone I have.. It’s so adorable <3

  20. Katarina Says:

    I love this dress, even tho I don’t have a Person… I still want it :)

  21. Sparrow Says:

    Please add me too!

  22. Lului Says:

    Cute cute cute! The perfect print for a Person! Please, add us to the list.

  23. Vicky Says:

    I love this fabric! My poor naked Person tells me she needs this dress. Fingers crossed! :)

  24. Maryjane Says:

    Yes, please enter me for this give-away. Thank you!!

  25. Cristina Says:

    Oh………….cute dress!!! Fantastic

  26. Christine Says:

    I want to join! I love all the outfits:)

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