Ottobre patterns.

I just ordered four pattern magazines from Ottobre, a finish design company. They had an offer to buy 4 magazines, and you’d get one for free. So.. I couldn’t resist when I saw the patterns. I hope I can make some neat Christmas gifts for Joni, and some clothes to add to my shop. I really want to print some bigger versions of my ‘cats in hats’ and sew onto some sweaters.
I got these two to start with, issue 4/2013 and 6/2013.

 I’m most excited for some sweaters and leggings, this striped sweater is just perfect! And leggings with knee patches, a skirt with cats and a panda hat! They have some awesome fabrics on their Etsy which I wouldn’t mind having.

Jeez, this is turning into some kind of crazy consumerism site.

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