Things of today.

I tried the train into town today, for the first time. I usually take the bus, which takes 25 dreadful minutes. The train is 10 min away on bike and it only takes 9 minutes in, I might just take the train a bit more often.

I was going in to find a coat, I’m using hoodies at the moment and it is getting a bit cold. Matt gave me money for one at my birthday last week, but I didn’t find any. For a country which get pretty cold there’s an amazing lack of jackets. I bought a dark grey tee instead, very helpful for my mission.

I also found two small gifts for Wedge who’s birthday is this weekend, so my package is now filled with stuff to send. On my way to pay the tee I saw some hoodies so I got a dark grey one for Matt, because I am that nice. When I got home I tried it on and thought for 10 seconds that I would keep it myself, but he liked it so much he took it! I’ll just steal it later, like I do with all his hoodies, says Jenny wearing one of them right now.

The animal leggings aren’t mine, thought it would have been stylish. I got them for Joni, my brothers daughter. He came over here with Lina and Joni the weekend before my birthday to have some cake. Joni had been saying my name and talked about my cats in the days before. She’s almost two so she just learned to say Jenny, which is too cool. There was a lot of ‘Jenny’ and ‘cats’, even days after the visit. So aren’t these leggings perfect for a little cat obsessed kid? We are all going down to my parents over the weekend so I’ll give them to her then.

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