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Pin cushions.


I ordered new fabric for wrist pin cushions a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday I started on four. I only have four wrist bands left, and I need to order some more. The store I got them at has such expensive shipping so I’m hesitating, I hate paying almost as much in shipping as the item itself. I haven’t found any other shop yet though.

Two cats with feathers and a hat, a scared braced girl and a very sad apple.

Our neighbours are rebuilding their house  and it seems they just started. There’s a machine humming in a very annoying sound, when it goes quiet it’s like my brain goes ‘aaahhh’. I’m not looking forward to this..

Favourite Etsy shops pt 3


Inspiration fell when I got sick two weeks ago. The cold has just now almost left. It was a horrible one. I’m sewing a lot of kids clothes now for a market in December so I’m just taking a break from finishing two sweaters.

This shop is next on my list of prints I think. It’s called Seventytree. I love the colour choices, the black and white with a little splash of something. We are probably going to fix my room after New Years, when I’ve decided on a wall paper, and I’ll be wanting one or two of her prints on my wall.

I also have a little thing for decorative sticky tape, which this shop has with some really nice patterns.

Do you know any good Etsy shops with prints? Let me know!

And today..


..I’ve been sick for a week. I’m so bored with it. I managed to take a 10min walk yesterday, first time out, and I was so tired after wards. I get so restless not having the energy to do things, create things. Yesterday I managed to do some crochet coasters, so I did two new sets of four. To have at the market in December, which I’ve still not received a full OK on. I have to go to the sewing store and get elastic waist band for leggings, hope I can do that soon.

So far, I have finished 6 Pin cushions, 3 crochet coaster sets, 4 cat coasters sets, 6 kids sweaters. I also have since before loads of puppets, a pile of beanies and bibs, 4 bottle necklaces and some hangers with cute cats and 2 leggings.

And I’m totally uninspired with the dolls at the moment.. haven’t made anything for them in a month? Gotta get that back soon. I have made these two kids sweaters though.

Cats & Feathers.


My decals arrived from Spoonflower last week. It took two evenings to cut them all out, but so worth it. I can’t wait to have my room redone so I can put some of them up here. I spend some time doing the labels for the bags and now the sets are all done. There’s 6 medium and 6 small sets. I also made two special sets called Autumn and Pastel, the last can be seen here. The colours turned out so nicely on this one.

I’ve had so much fun designing the bag labels and everything. I got sick  with a horrible cold on Tuesday evening so cutting paper is about all I’ve managed to do for two days. This is what I came up with as design for the bags.

They’re all in Swedish, I’m going to have a table at a Market here in my town in December. Hoping they’ll get some love there. After that, the rest will go to Etsy.

Moustaches love.


I was just browsing ModCloth a bit and found some awesome moustaches in different forms. I gave Wedge a themed birthday box last year, which was Moustaches and Owls. It was full of things with moustaches on, and some owls. Which shows my obsession of moustaches, and owls.

I wish ModCloth was in Sweden, shipping gets a bit too high for most things to here. That wall hook would look neat on my wall.

Wall hook / Mug / Ice cubes
Button stickers / Pillow set / Doormat


The fabricoholic strikes again.


I stumbled upon this little cat fabric today, and there was really no resisting..
Wouldn’t a sweater look fantastic with this fabric, and black/white striped leggings.. mmyes.

I should have gotten more of it so I could make a sweater for myself.. I might have to do that later.
All these fabrics everywhere is to tempting. I wouldn’t mind these either.. at least two of them will be mine sooner or later.

Kids sweaters.

I’ve been sewing some kids sweaters this week. I used one of the sweater patterns from my Ottobre pattern books, but I changed the pattern a bit. I’m sewing on the neckline and cuffs in another way, and I added a bottom cuff.

It’s quite fun to think about that I learned how to adjust patterns and such from sewing doll clothes. It’s a really good scale to learn on.

Any ways, since I got my new fabrics on Friday I’ve been itching to try it. While I waited for them to dry after a wash I made a really cosy apple sweater, in size 104. It has a fluffy inside, so it’s a perfect autumn/winter sweater.

The second sweater is a red striped raglan with a circus scene which is just lovely. The combinations of colours are so darn neat. Can’t wait to do more versions of it, next up is one with black/white sleeves. This is in size 92.



Oh how I love companies with fast shipping. I ordered new fabrics on Tuesday, and they arrive today (Thursday). These are from LiandLo, a Swedish company who sells fabrics and clothes.

The patterned ones are just so much fun, and the colours are amazing. I’m going to make some sweaters with these, I can’t wait to match them up with some striped sleeves. I’m thinking about having a table at a local market in December so they’ll be for that.

(Illustrations by Wedgie)

Sewing and fabrics.

I recieved my Ottobre pattern books last Friday, there’s so many lovely patterns in it. I brought them to my parents over the weekend so I could look in them and show my brother and Lina.I want to make some clothes for Joni so it was good hearing which ones they liked, and there was quite a lot of different ones they liked.

I started with a raglan sweater today, I just love that type. I picked out fabrics in brown and white. Clouds for the back and front, stripes for the sleeves. I’m actually going to make some adjustments to the sewing for the next one, some things I would do differently. Other than that, it was pretty easy to follow the instructions.

This one is size 98.

I have a huge amount of fabrics, but not many that actually match like this. So I sort of, ordered some. I can’t wait to get them to make some more sweaters, and some leggings. Just look at these!


Living in a house brings on the kids in Halloween costumes. No one went trick or treating when I was a kid so I never think about having any candy at home, or expect them.

On Thursday though, the door bell rang two times with a bunch of badly dressed up kids, they could put an effort into it at least. The first two went something like “Trick or treat!”, “A trick please!” *surprised faces* “…I don’t have any candy, sorry.”, “…ooh.. err.. I don’t know any tricks..”. Off they went to another house, and I’ll probably get a trick next year.

Then rang the bell for a third time. Two girls stood there when I opened the door.
“Trick or treat!”
“A trick!”
“I don’t have any candy, sorry.”
“…money works!”

What? …what?

And I returned.


It was a great weekend at my parents. Matt and me drove down on Thursday evening with the kitties, it takes about four hours down to Vimmerby. On Friday my brother, Lina and Joni came and the plan was to go to Astrid Lindgrens World on Saturday. It’s a huge park with all of Astrid’s book characters and it’s 10 minutes from my parents house, it was going to be Joni’s first visit (I bet there will be more).

I gave Joni the animal leggings and when she opened the package she smiled, they were a perfect gift. She slept with them beside her, and put them on when she woke up on Saturday.

I haven’t been in the park for years, last time probably ’94. So much had changed. Joni talked a lot about Pippi, but she fell asleep after we visited Ronja Rövardotter and had some coffee. Walked around a bit and saw Emil in Lönneberga and .. some of the other stories until Matt and me walked back home. We found a neat cat basket at the market place which was set up before the exit, so we had to buy it. Kitty loved it.

Benny and Joni on Pippi’s balcony // Ronja Rövardotters castle

Joni at Pippi’s house // Pippi has such a messy house

And in the afternoon my granny and uncle came over with my other brother, Micke, for some coffee and cake, for my birthday. That was a really nice time, and to top it we watched McGrubber later. A really sick movie! At 22 everyone but me, Matt and Micke went to bed so we watched the latest Tom Cruise movie as well, ‘Oblivion’.
That was my weekend. We came home today, after a long trip on the road with too many cars.

Extra story. Kitty decided after 4 hours she couldn’t hold it any more and peed in the travel box. We went to a gas station, cleaned it out in the rain(!) and just as we drove away she decided to use the box again for the.. other thing.. so back we went for another clean.

Favourite Etsy shops pt 2


Here comes another Etsy shop post. I just really love Etsy. And I love my lovely friend Wedge, and she has an Etsy shop with doll clothes called Ball & Socket. She makes sweet things for Lati Yellow & Green and MSD’s. I think she does commissions as well.

These are some of my faves from her shop, and I own a little grey dress just like that first one <3

Favourite Etsy shops pt 1


Since we all hang around on Etsy all day long (don’t we? Yes we do), I’m going to post some great Etsy shops I’ve found. It’ll mainly be doll clothes, paintings, jewellery, kids clothes and such things.

A couple of months ago I found an amazing artist called Dilkabear. I followed her on Instagram for a while until I couldn’t resist buying one of her painting. I am just amazed over her talent and the magic she creats in her paintings.

This was the one I picked as my first. I just love the hair and the dress, and she’s holding a moth. The fact that her head is huge is another thing, hello Blythe. I’m planning to buy some more.. I just can’t decide on which ones to get!

She was so sweet to deal with as well. Oh how I wish I could paint like this.

I might get one or two, or four, of these some day. All photos by Dilkabear.