And I returned.

It was a great weekend at my parents. Matt and me drove down on Thursday evening with the kitties, it takes about four hours down to Vimmerby. On Friday my brother, Lina and Joni came and the plan was to go to Astrid Lindgrens World on Saturday. It’s a huge park with all of Astrid’s book characters and it’s 10 minutes from my parents house, it was going to be Joni’s first visit (I bet there will be more).

I gave Joni the animal leggings and when she opened the package she smiled, they were a perfect gift. She slept with them beside her, and put them on when she woke up on Saturday.

I haven’t been in the park for years, last time probably ’94. So much had changed. Joni talked a lot about Pippi, but she fell asleep after we visited Ronja Rövardotter and had some coffee. Walked around a bit and saw Emil in Lönneberga and .. some of the other stories until Matt and me walked back home. We found a neat cat basket at the market place which was set up before the exit, so we had to buy it. Kitty loved it.

Benny and Joni on Pippi’s balcony // Ronja Rövardotters castle

Joni at Pippi’s house // Pippi has such a messy house

And in the afternoon my granny and uncle came over with my other brother, Micke, for some coffee and cake, for my birthday. That was a really nice time, and to top it we watched McGrubber later. A really sick movie! At 22 everyone but me, Matt and Micke went to bed so we watched the latest Tom Cruise movie as well, ‘Oblivion’.
That was my weekend. We came home today, after a long trip on the road with too many cars.

Extra story. Kitty decided after 4 hours she couldn’t hold it any more and peed in the travel box. We went to a gas station, cleaned it out in the rain(!) and just as we drove away she decided to use the box again for the.. other thing.. so back we went for another clean.

2 Responses to “And I returned.”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Astrid Lindgren world looks like fun. It’s on my bucket list – She was one of my favourite authors and I used to spend many an hour reading about the Bullerby children when I was little. I’m sure that’s where my desire to experience a true winter Christmas (and maybe even more, midsummer) was born! The seasons are so totally the opposite to ours at the bottom of the world. Ronja’s castle looks just like the book illustrations!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Melissa: Her books are magical, you’d like the AL World if you are really into her books. I haven’t seen the book illustrations for so long, but they just rebuilt the castle. It used to be a lot smaller before. They do shows with actors everyday at the park, when we were there they did Emil and Pippi. I didn’t see them now, but I heard them while walking around. You can also hear them from our house when they’re at it.
    Are you in Australia then?

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