And today..

..I’ve been sick for a week. I’m so bored with it. I managed to take a 10min walk yesterday, first time out, and I was so tired after wards. I get so restless not having the energy to do things, create things. Yesterday I managed to do some crochet coasters, so I did two new sets of four. To have at the market in December, which I’ve still not received a full OK on. I have to go to the sewing store and get elastic waist band for leggings, hope I can do that soon.

So far, I have finished 6 Pin cushions, 3 crochet coaster sets, 4 cat coasters sets, 6 kids sweaters. I also have since before loads of puppets, a pile of beanies and bibs, 4 bottle necklaces and some hangers with cute cats and 2 leggings.

And I’m totally uninspired with the dolls at the moment.. haven’t made anything for them in a month? Gotta get that back soon. I have made these two kids sweaters though.

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