Cats & Feathers.

My decals arrived from Spoonflower last week. It took two evenings to cut them all out, but so worth it. I can’t wait to have my room redone so I can put some of them up here. I spend some time doing the labels for the bags and now the sets are all done. There’s 6 medium and 6 small sets. I also made two special sets called Autumn and Pastel, the last can be seen here. The colours turned out so nicely on this one.

I’ve had so much fun designing the bag labels and everything. I got sick  with a horrible cold on Tuesday evening so cutting paper is about all I’ve managed to do for two days. This is what I came up with as design for the bags.

They’re all in Swedish, I’m going to have a table at a Market here in my town in December. Hoping they’ll get some love there. After that, the rest will go to Etsy.

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