Favourite Etsy shops pt 1

Since we all hang around on Etsy all day long (don’t we? Yes we do), I’m going to post some great Etsy shops I’ve found. It’ll mainly be doll clothes, paintings, jewellery, kids clothes and such things.

A couple of months ago I found an amazing artist called Dilkabear. I followed her on Instagram for a while until I couldn’t resist buying one of her painting. I am just amazed over her talent and the magic she creats in her paintings.

This was the one I picked as my first. I just love the hair and the dress, and she’s holding a moth. The fact that her head is huge is another thing, hello Blythe. I’m planning to buy some more.. I just can’t decide on which ones to get!

She was so sweet to deal with as well. Oh how I wish I could paint like this.

I might get one or two, or four, of these some day. All photos by Dilkabear.

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