Sewing and fabrics.

I recieved my Ottobre pattern books last Friday, there’s so many lovely patterns in it. I brought them to my parents over the weekend so I could look in them and show my brother and Lina.I want to make some clothes for Joni so it was good hearing which ones they liked, and there was quite a lot of different ones they liked.

I started with a raglan sweater today, I just love that type. I picked out fabrics in brown and white. Clouds for the back and front, stripes for the sleeves. I’m actually going to make some adjustments to the sewing for the next one, some things I would do differently. Other than that, it was pretty easy to follow the instructions.

This one is size 98.

I have a huge amount of fabrics, but not many that actually match like this. So I sort of, ordered some. I can’t wait to get them to make some more sweaters, and some leggings. Just look at these!

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