Christmas pt. 1

I spend Christmas at my parents house in Sm├ąland, it’s a 4h trip which we do the same way every year. Matt drives me and the cats to a meeting point 2h away and we met up with my parents there who’s also done a 2h trip. Me and the cats change cars and then we all drive back.

It would be impossible to go by train with bags and two cats, one which weighs over 7kg. And screams in his box. The other one uses the box as a litter box, sometimes twice. Nightmareish.

It was a pretty quiet Christmas, my bro wasn’t with us for the first time which was a bit odd. He, Joni and Lina spent it with her family, but we’ll get Joni next Christmas. It was me, my parents, my oldest brother Micke, granny and my uncle.

And the gifts. I got a HUGE stack of fabrics from Joni, she has such good taste.

I suspect little miss Joni had an idea of new clothes with this gift. I also got Sharpist scissors, which was perfect as I was thinking about getting one for my decals.

I got a speaker to use for my phone as well. I wanted one for when I sew on my machine, I listen to podcasts on my phone but it’s almost impossible to hear over the machine, so a speaker would be nicer. Though the one I got wasn’t that loud so we went to trade it in for another one, they didn’t have any so I asked for money back. I think the sales person had eaten 50 lemons. He wasn’t at all pleased, ‘We don’t normally do that.. I can see you have opened this box.’ It wasn’t a sealed box. So we did try it for about 4 minutes, how else would you know if it’s any good, then we put it back. He couldn’t give my cash, or put money on my card, I had to email him my account number.. he went on with sighs. When we walked out we realized he didn’t give me a recite or anything to prove I had turned in something.

Matt went back and told him we needed one, and the sales person said ‘You can trust me!’ ..to which matt said ‘I have no idea who you are.’ ‘We have AWESOME reviews online, you can check it!’ ‘…still, it doesn’t say anything to me. We need a recite.’ ‘FIINE!’ He was so very nice, and we will definitely.. never go back.

Though we did after 15 minutes when Matt realized he knew his account number. Sales person was very happy to see us again, and after Matt had written down his number he pulled the paper from the table and said ‘I’ll just do it now then!’ I hope the money arrives today.

I’m tempted to give them a review.

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