My room.

We are starting the renovations on my room soon. Matt just got ceiling paint and moving boxes, which I need to fill.

I also need to pick out a wall paper. I want one in front of my desks, and the plan is to paint the other three walls in a matching light colour. I can’t decide on which wall paper I want though, how unusual. I want something with colour, something fun. These are four I’ve been looking at. Oh, and the floor will be a light oak history.

I really love this one, it feels very 70ies. Yellow could be sweet. But I was planning to find drawers at flee markets to paint in bright colours, and that might not do well with this paper. The background looks a bit off-white which would be nice for the other walls.

I had almost decided on this one already, but the yellow trees came in. This would probably match my idea with painted drawers better, but not sure if it’s too much. The other walls would be white.

This one is just nice, and lovely.. not really what I had in mind.

Not what I had in mind either, but I like them so here they are.

So how does a person who can’t make decisions decide now?

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