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New fabrics.


I had to get some 1×1 ribbing and I found a bunch of different colours at Ottobre’s Etsy shop. This ribbing is thin and perfect for doll clothes. I bought two different shades of pink, white, black and yellow.

While I was ordering I felt it was a great time to finally get this organic cotton knit as well, I’ve been eyeing it for a while. Love the design and colours, will look sweet as kids leggings.

Photo from Ottobre design


New print.


I couldn’t resist this print by JulieFilipenko. I’m building a wall with prints in my sewing room and it’ll be fantastic!

Image from JulieFilipenko

Sweater designs.

Two of the sweaters I made with Spoonflower. The cat comes from my decal design and the quote print from a tote bag I made last year, which now lives with my mom.
I just included the hearts fabric (without the cat) in my design library on Spoonflower, when I’ve recieved the swatch you’ll be able to purchase it.

I would love love to make the cat sweater in kids sizes.

These sets will be added to Etsy.

New fabric designs.

I think I’m in a black/white phase.

Not sure how a skull cat came into the design..

Some pastel light.


I was at Lagerhaus this Saturday to buy a frame, which I did, but as always at Lagerhaus there’s lots of things to look at.

I’ve been looking for different storage containers and found some big old-styled jars with metal lids. They were only 39sek so I got two and they now contain vintage lace and washi tapes. I’m kind of addicted to tape. And lace.

I also bought a ceramic container, probably made for coffee. It’s black and white, suits my wall paper, but I use it for my scissors. They were laying around my sewing desk and I kept having to move them around while working. Perfect.

On my way to pay my eyes got stuck on a carpet with black and white stripes, on sale. Stripes cannot be ignored. Unplanned I’m decorating my room in black and white.

I almost bought this lamp, I kind of want to go back and get it.

What I need now are two string shelves in white, from Designtorget. Discount anyone?

Aztec Animals decals.


I got a bit inspired last week and made some new decals. It started of just as a black cat head, and then turned into a cat wearing an Aztec printed sweater. I ordered the decals with Spoonflower last night, together with some fabrics I also made.

It later evolved into a bear and a fox, but I’ll show them in a later post. I’m thinking they’d also be fun on furniture.

I give it a year.


I just saw the movie ‘I give it a year’ with Simon Baker. It was really funny and sweet.

Anything with Simon Baker is worth watching.

That’s a white pigeon which just flew into a ceiling fan, it’ll come alive again only to poop on her sleeve.

Updated electricity.

Our house was  built in the early 80ies. When we moved in nothing had changed much. We are every now and then adding new circuit-breakers and wall sockets to the rooms as we renovate. These are normally ugly square things, and now a days circuit-breakers seems to only come in models with big switches.

Every one of them in our house has turned a dirty grey, more so than they look in the photos.

My brother and gf put in black round ones from the brand Schneider when they renovated their flat, since then there could be no other for our house. We installed them in my room today, it’s looking pretty fantastic. Easy upgrade after you figure out which cable goes were.