Some pastel light.

I was at Lagerhaus this Saturday to buy a frame, which I did, but as always at Lagerhaus there’s lots of things to look at.

I’ve been looking for different storage containers and found some big old-styled jars with metal lids. They were only 39sek so I got two and they now contain vintage lace and washi tapes. I’m kind of addicted to tape. And lace.

I also bought a ceramic container, probably made for coffee. It’s black and white, suits my wall paper, but I use it for my scissors. They were laying around my sewing desk and I kept having to move them around while working. Perfect.

On my way to pay my eyes got stuck on a carpet with black and white stripes, on sale. Stripes cannot be ignored. Unplanned I’m decorating my room in black and white.

I almost bought this lamp, I kind of want to go back and get it.

What I need now are two string shelves in white, from Designtorget. Discount anyone?

2 Responses to “Some pastel light.”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Oooh I love those kind of shops! If you decorate in black and white you should definitely add some pastels ;) It seems Lagerhaus has plenty cute things… have you seen the wire frame lamps? And those pastel teacups? I want a Lagerhaus in Holland!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Brenda, Yes, pastels will be a must! I’m looking for a white dresser on legs, which I want to dipdye in a pastel pink as the wall.. have not yet found the perfect one.
    The Wire frame lamps I love! Lagerhaus needs to get to Holland, let’s start emailing* them about it. (*I used the word ‘s p a m m i n g’ but my comment block said nonono hah getting blocked by my own blog)

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