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Little trip.


We are going to my parents today. It’s a four hour trip with car and I’ll admit I’ll probably sleep for half of it. My brother with family are going down on Friday and I think we are doing a small trip to Astrid Lindgrens World on Saturday, it’s just down the road from my parents house. It will be Joni’s first visit there. We are also celebrating my birthday a little bit, I’ve already gotten my gifts so it’ll probably just be some cake and coffee.

This was 30 years ago, if you count the candles you’ll know what my age is now. Hah I seriously had to think myself, I just can’t remember how old I am any more.. ‘is it.. twenty… thir.. wait.. thirty.. something..’

Things of today.


I tried the train into town today, for the first time. I usually take the bus, which takes 25 dreadful minutes. The train is 10 min away on bike and it only takes 9 minutes in, I might just take the train a bit more often.

I was going in to find a coat, I’m using hoodies at the moment and it is getting a bit cold. Matt gave me money for one at my birthday last week, but I didn’t find any. For a country which get pretty cold there’s an amazing lack of jackets. I bought a dark grey tee instead, very helpful for my mission.

I also found two small gifts for Wedge who’s birthday is this weekend, so my package is now filled with stuff to send. On my way to pay the tee I saw some hoodies so I got a dark grey one for Matt, because I am that nice. When I got home I tried it on and thought for 10 seconds that I would keep it myself, but he liked it so much he took it! I’ll just steal it later, like I do with all his hoodies, says Jenny wearing one of them right now.

The animal leggings aren’t mine, thought it would have been stylish. I got them for Joni, my brothers daughter. He came over here with Lina and Joni the weekend before my birthday to have some cake. Joni had been saying my name and talked about my cats in the days before. She’s almost two so she just learned to say Jenny, which is too cool. There was a lot of ‘Jenny’ and ‘cats’, even days after the visit. So aren’t these leggings perfect for a little cat obsessed kid? We are all going down to my parents over the weekend so I’ll give them to her then.

Spam of the day.


“Hey, you used to write magnificent, but the last few posts have been kinda boring…
I miss your tremendous writings. Past few posts are just a little out of track! come on!”

You used to write magnificent spam, but the last few have been kinda boring. Come on!

A hero. A bat hero.


Revenge of Marmite!


My lovely friend Wedgeh, a.k.a Big Pie, and I have this funny ‘Revenge’ going on. I send her massive packages of Liquorice, which she hates. She sends me Marmite in every form possible, which I.. don’t eat.

This is her recent revenge after receiving a big bag of mixed liquorice and a yummy lollipop filled with salty liquorice salt.

Marmite jackpot. The one thing I do like with Marmite is their packaging.

And an extra lovely drawing of a Evil big haired Marmite Sprite smearing my face full of Marmite.

Kitty cat.


Kitty just came back home from surgery, she removed something that might have been/or could become cancer on her mammary glands (might be the right word for it). She’s done this once before on her right side, and the old scar can be seen on this photo. Last time they didn’t remove the hole line like now, so her scar is crazy long.

They also took off a weird ‘dot’ on her head

The day that is this day.


Have been packing for trip down to parents over the holiday. Packing isn’t what I’m best at. I have to remind myself I’m not going away for a month. Got all my stuff in a suitcase in the end. But I’m bringing too much fabric. I don’t know how to choose my sewing for the next couple of days..

One amputee please, make it snappy.


Just want to give out a thanks to the lady on the bus who was trying to amputee my leg with her bags.



I am not much for snow, but today.. it was like walking on velvet.

Just bought.

Today, oh sweet today.


Some twat called my phone 3 times this morning, since I didn’t recognize the number I didn’t answer it, but he left a message saying ‘I’m wondering if blablabla is open today…’, then added the number he called which wasn’t even close to mine. He almost deserves a reward for that. It’s a true skill to manage to press the wrong buttons on every number.

This is my favourite spam of the month:
‘This might be a bit off-topic but I believe there are a lot of smokers here on www.icantdance.se.   I have recently decided  to find a good manufacturer of electronic cigarettes.  I’m done with paying so much for normal cigarettes.

So we must stop smoking here, on icantdance.se.



I’m working on a new layout. I just got some inspiration. Not a day to late.. we’ll see how long it’ll take me.

Snowy Uppsala.

Damn it’s cold!


We have -20c here in Uppsala. It’s amazing…ly cold. What you’d like to do is just stay inside. It’s going to be like this for another week or something. Lovely.

And now it’s started to snow. Yey!

This is what I’ve been doing to keep warm, msd cardigans..

Elvira in Butthead dress, by me.
Red cardy with yellow details, by me.
Socks from Dollmore.

Days and dreams.


Matt has been sick since Wednesday. And he gave me a light version of what ever he had. Bleh. There has been lots of soup for 3 days. And tea. Endless tea.

I have had some funny dreams though, in my light fever sleeps.

1. I called Matt’s phone and a girl answered it. When I asked who she was she said “I’m his gf.”

2. Linda had a friend over from Holland. And 5 minutes after he meet Anneli they had a son together. I thought it was moving a bit fast.

3. I was at some meeting, everyone was sitting at this really big table. In comes Robert Pattinson. He sits down, then starts acting like a real nut; demanding stuff (he stole a persons hamburger), being loud and swearing(!). I then say ‘He’s just pretending to be a bastard so everyone will leave him alone here’.

The last one made me laugh.

Changed the look of this place.


You could call that a dream.


I had this strange dream about American celebrities.. very weird.

Some celeb named Nikki was staying at my house, but then suddenly just vanished. I somehow then ran into an ‘old friend’, which strangely enough was that Megan Fox lady (I have seen her photo in some magazine so my brain must have picked that up fast. In the dream her name was Jennifer though and even more strange; when I googled to see who this lady was I saw that one of her movies is called ‘Jennifer’s body’..).

Well, she was very fixed on not letting anyone know who she was when we were out.. but then in a store she started to sing and act all strange and I asked her if she’d forgotten all about her not being noticed. Some dude then came up to her and told her how hot she was and they went home to his house (hah). I was all left alone AGAIN.

Outside of the store I ran into some other girl and I asked her if she had Nikki’s phone number, which she had. I then called her up and now she was speaking Swedish which I thought was very strange. She was at some party and I told her that it was extremely rude to come visit me, then just run off with someone else. I then told her to never call me again and hung up (hah again).

So feeling all abandoned from my famous American friends. I walked around in town (I was back in my home town now), there was some kind of a market and I found a booth with BJD dolls from Domadoll (erm.. yeah). The first ones I saw were Pez-dispensers with bjd doll heads on them for $4 and then I decided to get a bjd as well and my dad showed up beside me and said ‘Take this one..’