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Noor, Nell and Lyra doing the Frog dance, as all kids do on this day.

Spent Midsummer in Vimmerby in my parents  house with Matt and my brother. Watched 3 movies; Yesman (f.u.n.n.y.), You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (so funny!) and then The Oxford Murders (a bit confusing, but still good). On Saturday Anneli came over and we watched another movie (what!?), Ghost Town (with Greg Kinnear and Ricky Gervais).
That was Midsummer this year. Oh yeah, and it rained pretty much the whole weekend.

I have a movie dealer.


Wedge buys me great movies from England that sucky Sweden doesn’t have. Such a sweet pie.

And today.

I was looking through my flickr and found this photo

Jenny and Jenny. We know how to dress.
I miss you! Go to Uppsala. Ok. Good.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m going to order this little girl on the 17th when Lati opens. Can’t say I agree with the price they put on her, or that you get the clothes “as a gift” when the price is $270. Right.
But her eyes. Oh the doom is upon us.

“Lati white SP Bayer”

Spotify song.


This song, check it out!

MGMT – Kids: spotify:track:2IAcYOEnZWTn3yR6LDslRY

Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted
To be haunted

And the video is fantastic.

Birds of kitchen.


Oh right. The kitchen is finished. Well apart from that tree photo..



My cat has been diagnosed with diabetes.

We went to the vet yesterday, with a pee-sample, and it was tested positive for diabetes. She has been extremely thirsty these last weeks.  She has lost weight as well, but we thought that was because of her food. I wish we would have understood this earlier.

I’m not feeling like writing this down, but I think I should. I need it saved for future treatment.

2007. She got her vaccination. She was then 5,7kg. The vet said it was too much, we started to give her Light food.

2009-05-18. Vaccination. Vet said she was now 4,2kg. I don’t know if it’s due to the change of food, or the diabetes coming at her. Were told to be back next week with a pee-sample.

2009-05-26. Vet tested her positive with diabetes. On the scale again. First he said she was 4,4kg. I was relieved she didn’t loose weight, she actually gained some. After checking her over he checked again and now he said she was 3,7kg.  His scale wasn’t completely accurate. It’s very hard now to know for sure if she was 4,4 last week. Or if he was wrong that time too, as the first time today.
That’s when tears came. If she actually lost 0,7kg in a week, it’s not good.
I had some difficulties to take the information he gave me at the time, he didn’t think cats should be given injections every day, and “perhaps we should give her a normal life, as long as she has”. I couldn’t really think.

After researching I found some people saying they gave their diabetic cat pills, instead of injections. So we went to the animal hospital today, bought food for Diabetic cats, got an appointment with a vet there on Friday to talk about it. I need a second opinion.

It’s totally unthinkable not to have her in my life. Extremely unthinkable.

Tell me if you know anything about this, please.

Rain, it’s love.


At work. Going home now. It’s raining SO much it’s silly. I’m SO glad I didn’t bring my jacket today.

See you in the flood!

New kitchen.


We just redid our kitchen. We’ll the dinning area, which is never used. The person who put that wallpaper and border up must have  been completely without taste.

Before & during

And la di da


I’m still waiting for the birds to arrive, very photoshoped on here. They’re vinyl stickers from a seller on Etsy. Hopefully I’ll get them next week. The tree picture will be on the other wall.
So that’s the kitchen now.

The Elbow Dream.


I had a such a strange dream last night. Some horrible person came up behind me. A thought crossed my mind. I have to hit him in the face with my elbow.

Just as I’m about to hit horrible-person, with my elbow, I wake up.

I notice that my right arm is folded up just like in the dream, all ready to go.
Next thing I notice is that Matt’s head is were my elbow would smack down.

This is when he also wakes up and looks at me, I say “You’re a lucky man”, then turn over and fall asleep.

That is not normal. But probably the best thing to say at the time.

And this is today.


Just came back from a walk. 40 minutes with Tigerlou in my ears. I’ve decided to try walking more. It was decided last week. I’ve been pretty good so far, walked 3 times. In a week. And I’m a really comfy person. I would never set my foot in a gym. Running I tried two summers ago, did that 3 times then stopped. So boring. Walking is okay since I can do it where ever. With music.

Mm where was I.. It’s really windy today so I almost blew away. My skirt was up at my waist, so thanks for no-see-through-black-stockings today.

The walk was really a very long detour to the store. The cashier-dude was being a twat trying to be impressive by juggling my avocado before charging it. Yeah, I was so impressed. That was the funniest thing from the walk. Talented little cashier.

I’m gonna go make dinner now; big sallad with veggie-burger-thingy, and then draw an idea I’m working on in my head.



“We are doing our best to answer your call, thanks for waiting.” Is there anything more annoying to hear in a phone queue? I think not. Am calling phone company now.
I can’t send texts. Since a month or something. I haven’t been bothered. But every time I get one myself I feel so rude for not answering.

And later. No clue-lady told me to restart my phone in 30 minutes. Sure, sure. (She sounded like I was nuts for not having called if it had been like this for a month. “A month!?” Oh, how can one survive without sending texts?)

Got my stuff from Modcloth today. Necklaces; perfect. Glasses; a bit big. Will only keep black Wayfarers.

Swedish Farrell


How I wish I had a camera on me today. Some days there’s this man on my bus that looks like Will Farrells twin. It’s so funny. In the summer he usually has this really short tiny sports jacket from 1980 or something. Will Farrell should see him.

Ref. photo without stealing one: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1018337024/nm0002071

Another boring headline.


I finished The Host (by Stephenie Meyer) last night. The ending was a bit unexpected, but much better than what I thought would happen. It was really good. Can’t wait for her to give out a new book. I love the way she writes.
I’ve asked my brother (Benny) to buy the book for my other brother (Micke). It was all sold out here, but they had it in Stockholm. Micke had his birthday in January so that’s his present. Not late at all. We haven’t been home since Christmas. We also bought a Whiskey bottle and 2 Whiskey glasses for my dad, who had his birthday in February.

Pelvis (13:03):
I bought the whiskey as well. yesyes.
Jenkins (13:03):
Try not to drink it now then.
Pelvis (13:04):
hehe, that’s not a problem.
Jenkins (13:04):
Well I wonder!
Pelvis (13:04):
I’ll bring it tonight!
Jenkins (13:04):
Yes! It’ll be a drag otherwise!
Pelvis (13:04):
I bought this one: http://systembolaget.se/SokDrycker/Produkt?VaruNr=513
Jenkins (13:08):
sounds disgusting enough.

Benny also had his birthday in February. I gave him a ticket for Jeff Dunham’s show that is TODAY. (Go search for him on Youtube if you’ve missed him.) I’m so excited to see him. I’m expecting to laugh so I’ll get a stomach ache. Matt, me and Benny are going to meet up Linda there. I bought four tickets, last one for Bennys girlfriend who then couldn’t go. So I made Linda come with us.
Fun times.

On Thursday afternoon we are going to my parents house, for Easter and to celebrate everyone’s birthdays. That’s just a 4something hour drive. After half of it Kissen usually thinks it’s time to do number 1, or number 2, in her travel box. It’s a lovely ride, as you can imagine.

My huligan cat.


My lovely, sweet, cute, best cat peed on my shoes this morning. She confused them with her litter box. I can see how she’d do that. Shoes.. litter box.. what’s the difference really? She must have drank like 5 gallons of water before too.

I rinsed them off in the bath, then in the washing machine they went. I really hope they survived.

Lucky for her I love her. But bad bad bad cat!



..I am feeling it in my arm now. Ouch. I’m the most untrained person alive. Darn the useless muscles, I don’t have, in my right arm. If that wasn’t enough..

..my finger stings abit. I was cuddling with the cat yesterday, swinging along to some music and then when I tickled her stomach she did that too me. Obviously she doesn’t like dancing either.