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Awesome fabric.


I just found this fabric on Etsy, it’s from the shop Cottonblue who just reopened. They offered a 30% coupon code to previous customers, I had to use it when I saw these fabrics.


The fabricoholic strikes again.


I stumbled upon this little cat fabric today, and there was really no resisting..
Wouldn’t a sweater look fantastic with this fabric, and black/white striped leggings.. mmyes.

I should have gotten more of it so I could make a sweater for myself.. I might have to do that later.
All these fabrics everywhere is to tempting. I wouldn’t mind these either.. at least two of them will be mine sooner or later.



Oh how I love companies with fast shipping. I ordered new fabrics on Tuesday, and they arrive today (Thursday). These are from LiandLo, a Swedish company who sells fabrics and clothes.

The patterned ones are just so much fun, and the colours are amazing. I’m going to make some sweaters with these, I can’t wait to match them up with some striped sleeves. I’m thinking about having a table at a local market in December so they’ll be for that.

(Illustrations by Wedgie)



Finally a craft store has opened in our local shopping mall. It’s pretty huge and have fabrics.
I had to get a few pieces from the line ‘Tilde’.



I just found some ‘Fabrics’ in the clothes store Kappahl. I do love stripes.

Buying stuff..


I have a crazy love for fabrics.. fabrics with clouds. And tiny buttons.
I use stickers for the packages of clothes.
I also finally found some really good rib knit 1×1 which I need for cuffs. I have been using what little that comes with baby clothes, but they tend to get used up really fast. All I need now is red, black, white and perhaps some yellow. I’m not picky. Yes, I am.



Can it get any better than that? Stripes AND dots. And not to forget sailors and apples.



After a trip to Stockholm, for a dolly meet, I came home with these fabrics. There’s TEN of them and all so lovely. I bought 3 and got 7 from Linda, she bought them for me a month ago or something.