Updated electricity.


Our house was  built in the early 80ies. When we moved in nothing had changed much. We are every now and then adding new circuit-breakers and wall sockets to the rooms as we renovate. These are normally ugly square things, and now a days circuit-breakers seems to only come in models with big switches.

Every one of them in our house has turned a dirty grey, more so than they look in the photos.

My brother and gf put in black round ones from the brand Schneider when they renovated their flat, since then there could be no other for our house. We installed them in my room today, it’s looking pretty fantastic. Easy upgrade after you figure out which cable goes were.

Renovations of my room.


We finally started to renovate my sewing room after New Years. It had badly painted cardboard paint, an old cork plastic carpet and an uninspired feeling. This photo shows before, when I’ve moved out most of my things.


This little flowery 80ies paper was underneath the horrible paint.


The previous owners of this house had just put putty over screws instead of removing them before painting the walls, not smoothing it out either.. it truly looked bad. I probably removed over 10 screws, then applied putty and smoothed it out so you can’t see the holes any more.


I also painted the radiator which had turned a dirty grey. It was not fun to paint with all those lines, but now it’s white.


Matt painted the ceiling and then we got started on the walls, white white white.


And here comes the lovely wallpaper I picked out. It’s by ISAK called Nova Dawn. I bought it from tapetorama.se and it arrived within 5 days I think. The site said 1-2 weeks so brilliant service. I also ordered a sample which I got within a day so I could pick out the right white colour for the walls. Will definitely order from them again if we need a certain wall paper.


And here is the wall all ready. We are putting in new floor this weekend, it’ll be a light oak floor. And then it’s time to find furniture!

My room.


I have wallpaper! I went for the Nova Dawn from ISAK. It looks very lovely. My floor is being laid next weekend, so I have to wait another week until  I can sneak into it with all my stuff.
I’m in need of storage things. Shelfs and things.

And I still don’t have PS, feeling so empty.

I have to include these cats, I made them for Joni (my brothers kid). She’s been talking a lot about my cats so I thought it would be perfect if she could have them at her house as well. They are just more well behaved than the real ones.



Matt gave me a new computer. It contains of things he didn’t need when he upgrades his computer, and something new, and some from my old one. It is better than my old one which has been growing grey hairs.

A little problem is I do not have PS or Illustrator. I can’t edit photos.

We are also ‘working’ on my rooms renovation. I’m doing ” because we are waiting for the wallpaper still so we are in no rush. I just got a wallpaper sample so I can buy the right white colour for the other walls. That should happen this weekend.

‘insert edited photo here’

It feels really empty without PS.

Also, I made the huge mistake to install The Sims 3, to see how this computer liked it. And it liked it way to much.

My room.


We are starting the renovations on my room soon. Matt just got ceiling paint and moving boxes, which I need to fill.

I also need to pick out a wall paper. I want one in front of my desks, and the plan is to paint the other three walls in a matching light colour. I can’t decide on which wall paper I want though, how unusual. I want something with colour, something fun. These are four I’ve been looking at. Oh, and the floor will be a light oak history.

I really love this one, it feels very 70ies. Yellow could be sweet. But I was planning to find drawers at flee markets to paint in bright colours, and that might not do well with this paper. The background looks a bit off-white which would be nice for the other walls.

I had almost decided on this one already, but the yellow trees came in. This would probably match my idea with painted drawers better, but not sure if it’s too much. The other walls would be white.

This one is just nice, and lovely.. not really what I had in mind.

Not what I had in mind either, but I like them so here they are.

So how does a person who can’t make decisions decide now?

Christmas pt. 1


I spend Christmas at my parents house in Småland, it’s a 4h trip which we do the same way every year. Matt drives me and the cats to a meeting point 2h away and we met up with my parents there who’s also done a 2h trip. Me and the cats change cars and then we all drive back.

It would be impossible to go by train with bags and two cats, one which weighs over 7kg. And screams in his box. The other one uses the box as a litter box, sometimes twice. Nightmareish.

It was a pretty quiet Christmas, my bro wasn’t with us for the first time which was a bit odd. He, Joni and Lina spent it with her family, but we’ll get Joni next Christmas. It was me, my parents, my oldest brother Micke, granny and my uncle.

And the gifts. I got a HUGE stack of fabrics from Joni, she has such good taste.

I suspect little miss Joni had an idea of new clothes with this gift. I also got Sharpist scissors, which was perfect as I was thinking about getting one for my decals.

I got a speaker to use for my phone as well. I wanted one for when I sew on my machine, I listen to podcasts on my phone but it’s almost impossible to hear over the machine, so a speaker would be nicer. Though the one I got wasn’t that loud so we went to trade it in for another one, they didn’t have any so I asked for money back. I think the sales person had eaten 50 lemons. He wasn’t at all pleased, ‘We don’t normally do that.. I can see you have opened this box.’ It wasn’t a sealed box. So we did try it for about 4 minutes, how else would you know if it’s any good, then we put it back. He couldn’t give my cash, or put money on my card, I had to email him my account number.. he went on with sighs. When we walked out we realized he didn’t give me a recite or anything to prove I had turned in something.

Matt went back and told him we needed one, and the sales person said ‘You can trust me!’ ..to which matt said ‘I have no idea who you are.’ ‘We have AWESOME reviews online, you can check it!’ ‘…still, it doesn’t say anything to me. We need a recite.’ ‘FIINE!’ He was so very nice, and we will definitely.. never go back.

Though we did after 15 minutes when Matt realized he knew his account number. Sales person was very happy to see us again, and after Matt had written down his number he pulled the paper from the table and said ‘I’ll just do it now then!’ I hope the money arrives today.

I’m tempted to give them a review.



When Amanda was pregnant in The Mentalist, they made her sit a lot. Or made her hide behind things. Basically through the whole season 5. It became a fun thing to see what she was sitting behind in every new episode. I have certainly not watched this show to much, and I absolutely did not go through season 5 to find these images to make this gif.

Ok, I did.

My top 3 list:
3. Bar disk
2. Water container
1. Table on wheels with boxes!

The Mentalist.


So, now we know who Red John is. It was not who I thought it was. There’s a tiny spoiler after the photos.

I discovered The Mentalist when it was in the middle of Season 1. I got stuck because of Simon Baker. I love, love, love, love Simon Baker. And the character of Patrick Jane, he does it so well. When I find a new actor who I like I tend to look them up on Imdb and watch whatever is on their list there. So I watched all of The Guardian and all of his movies I could find (Sex & Death 101.. no words needed).

Any ways. The Mentalist.

I really thought Red John would be Brett Partridge. The irksome one. He fit so well and was so darn creepy and awkward. I was a bit disappointed when it turned out to be the weird sheriff.

I’m re-watching the series now. I’m one of those people. I’ve probably re-watched it four times by now. Yes. Well, one of the reasons to watch it again was to see how that sheriff acted when he was in an episode. And also to see it all again.
I really, really hope they continue with a season 7.

Also. His favourite blue cup is broken.

Pin cushions.


I ordered new fabric for wrist pin cushions a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday I started on four. I only have four wrist bands left, and I need to order some more. The store I got them at has such expensive shipping so I’m hesitating, I hate paying almost as much in shipping as the item itself. I haven’t found any other shop yet though.

Two cats with feathers and a hat, a scared braced girl and a very sad apple.

Our neighbours are rebuilding their house  and it seems they just started. There’s a machine humming in a very annoying sound, when it goes quiet it’s like my brain goes ‘aaahhh’. I’m not looking forward to this..

Favourite Etsy shops pt 3


Inspiration fell when I got sick two weeks ago. The cold has just now almost left. It was a horrible one. I’m sewing a lot of kids clothes now for a market in December so I’m just taking a break from finishing two sweaters.

This shop is next on my list of prints I think. It’s called Seventytree. I love the colour choices, the black and white with a little splash of something. We are probably going to fix my room after New Years, when I’ve decided on a wall paper, and I’ll be wanting one or two of her prints on my wall.

I also have a little thing for decorative sticky tape, which this shop has with some really nice patterns.

Do you know any good Etsy shops with prints? Let me know!

And today..


..I’ve been sick for a week. I’m so bored with it. I managed to take a 10min walk yesterday, first time out, and I was so tired after wards. I get so restless not having the energy to do things, create things. Yesterday I managed to do some crochet coasters, so I did two new sets of four. To have at the market in December, which I’ve still not received a full OK on. I have to go to the sewing store and get elastic waist band for leggings, hope I can do that soon.

So far, I have finished 6 Pin cushions, 3 crochet coaster sets, 4 cat coasters sets, 6 kids sweaters. I also have since before loads of puppets, a pile of beanies and bibs, 4 bottle necklaces and some hangers with cute cats and 2 leggings.

And I’m totally uninspired with the dolls at the moment.. haven’t made anything for them in a month? Gotta get that back soon. I have made these two kids sweaters though.

Cats & Feathers.


My decals arrived from Spoonflower last week. It took two evenings to cut them all out, but so worth it. I can’t wait to have my room redone so I can put some of them up here. I spend some time doing the labels for the bags and now the sets are all done. There’s 6 medium and 6 small sets. I also made two special sets called Autumn and Pastel, the last can be seen here. The colours turned out so nicely on this one.

I’ve had so much fun designing the bag labels and everything. I got sick  with a horrible cold on Tuesday evening so cutting paper is about all I’ve managed to do for two days. This is what I came up with as design for the bags.

They’re all in Swedish, I’m going to have a table at a Market here in my town in December. Hoping they’ll get some love there. After that, the rest will go to Etsy.

Moustaches love.


I was just browsing ModCloth a bit and found some awesome moustaches in different forms. I gave Wedge a themed birthday box last year, which was Moustaches and Owls. It was full of things with moustaches on, and some owls. Which shows my obsession of moustaches, and owls.

I wish ModCloth was in Sweden, shipping gets a bit too high for most things to here. That wall hook would look neat on my wall.

Wall hook / Mug / Ice cubes
Button stickers / Pillow set / Doormat


The fabricoholic strikes again.


I stumbled upon this little cat fabric today, and there was really no resisting..
Wouldn’t a sweater look fantastic with this fabric, and black/white striped leggings.. mmyes.

I should have gotten more of it so I could make a sweater for myself.. I might have to do that later.
All these fabrics everywhere is to tempting. I wouldn’t mind these either.. at least two of them will be mine sooner or later.

Kids sweaters.

I’ve been sewing some kids sweaters this week. I used one of the sweater patterns from my Ottobre pattern books, but I changed the pattern a bit. I’m sewing on the neckline and cuffs in another way, and I added a bottom cuff.

It’s quite fun to think about that I learned how to adjust patterns and such from sewing doll clothes. It’s a really good scale to learn on.

Any ways, since I got my new fabrics on Friday I’ve been itching to try it. While I waited for them to dry after a wash I made a really cosy apple sweater, in size 104. It has a fluffy inside, so it’s a perfect autumn/winter sweater.

The second sweater is a red striped raglan with a circus scene which is just lovely. The combinations of colours are so darn neat. Can’t wait to do more versions of it, next up is one with black/white sleeves. This is in size 92.