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Another date with the veterinarian..


So, today is our second date with our veterinarian (that sounds very much like vegetarian..). I must also buy the cat more special food, as they only sell it over there. Bye, bye money.

It was total zombie-mode this morning. Matt woke me up at 7.20 and I just couldn’t wake up. I was awake, but I couldn’t open my eyes. It was wonderful. I manage to get up, pricked the cat in her ear (at a weird place, must have been blind), then crawled right back to bed  (dreamt that Matt had given the cat 4 units instead of 2) and woke up at 10. I have to leave work around 1.. so success on today.

I’m hoping that Kissen has gained some weight, it looks like she has.. but you can’t really trust your eyes on that one. I think they’ll want to give her more units / time. Her blood sugar is still high. Still she’s much more active now, yesterday she was running around chasing Matt and being all weird and lovely.

Another blood test.


I’m lucky to have such a good cat. I think she’s just gotten tired of it 3 times, which means she bites you in the hand.
(Turn off or lower the sound)

Love = cat




My cat has been diagnosed with diabetes.

We went to the vet yesterday, with a pee-sample, and it was tested positive for diabetes. She has been extremely thirsty these last weeks.  She has lost weight as well, but we thought that was because of her food. I wish we would have understood this earlier.

I’m not feeling like writing this down, but I think I should. I need it saved for future treatment.

2007. She got her vaccination. She was then 5,7kg. The vet said it was too much, we started to give her Light food.

2009-05-18. Vaccination. Vet said she was now 4,2kg. I don’t know if it’s due to the change of food, or the diabetes coming at her. Were told to be back next week with a pee-sample.

2009-05-26. Vet tested her positive with diabetes. On the scale again. First he said she was 4,4kg. I was relieved she didn’t loose weight, she actually gained some. After checking her over he checked again and now he said she was 3,7kg.  His scale wasn’t completely accurate. It’s very hard now to know for sure if she was 4,4 last week. Or if he was wrong that time too, as the first time today.
That’s when tears came. If she actually lost 0,7kg in a week, it’s not good.
I had some difficulties to take the information he gave me at the time, he didn’t think cats should be given injections every day, and “perhaps we should give her a normal life, as long as she has”. I couldn’t really think.

After researching I found some people saying they gave their diabetic cat pills, instead of injections. So we went to the animal hospital today, bought food for Diabetic cats, got an appointment with a vet there on Friday to talk about it. I need a second opinion.

It’s totally unthinkable not to have her in my life. Extremely unthinkable.

Tell me if you know anything about this, please.