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The Mentalist.


So, now we know who Red John is. It was not who I thought it was. There’s a tiny spoiler after the photos.

I discovered The Mentalist when it was in the middle of Season 1. I got stuck because of Simon Baker. I love, love, love, love Simon Baker. And the character of Patrick Jane, he does it so well. When I find a new actor who I like I tend to look them up on Imdb and watch whatever is on their list there. So I watched all of The Guardian and all of his movies I could find (Sex & Death 101.. no words needed).

Any ways. The Mentalist.

I really thought Red John would be Brett Partridge. The irksome one. He fit so well and was so darn creepy and awkward. I was a bit disappointed when it turned out to be the weird sheriff.

I’m re-watching the series now. I’m one of those people. I’ve probably re-watched it four times by now. Yes. Well, one of the reasons to watch it again was to see how that sheriff acted when he was in an episode. And also to see it all again.
I really, really hope they continue with a season 7.

Also. His favourite blue cup is broken.