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Books, books and books.


Catherine Hardwicke’s “Twilight – Director’s notebook” should be great reading, from the photos posted from it.
It felt silly to buy one book so I got two Marian Keyes books I’ve missed as well.
All of them in English. I’m refusing to read anything in Swedish (well at least book written in English, I’m tired of translations).

I’m gonna have to sell some books soon.. or get another shelf. And a flat to put it in.

Ask me stuff that I just told you I don’t know.


I just took a short walk around my work buildning before lunch. I was in some highly important thoughts (like always) listening to music when someone stepped out infront of me..
Student: “Can I ask you some question? I’m from the University radio.”
Me: “Erm..”
Student: “It’s about the Oscars.”
Me: “Oh.. but I don’t know anything about it..”
Student: “I have a list.. you don’t have to know anything.. just pick something from the list here..”
Me: *reading* “…but.. I haven’t even seen any of these movies.”
Student: “I don’t care.. just pick one.. like.. you know who Brad Pitt is..”
She starts testing her microphone.

I’m reading the list and stating that I really haven’t seen any of the movies. And I don’t really care that much about any of the actors on that list. And why can’t I ever say no? I don’t want to be on the radio.

Student: “So who do you think will win as the male lead?”
Me: *damnit* “…Sean Penn.” (Wth do I know.. but Brad Pitt will probably get it..)
Student: “Why?”
Me: *dumb struck* Did she just not tell me to just pick a name when I said I had not seen any of these movies? *taking one step away from her* “..But I have no idea?!” Giving her a look of ‘What the hell are you doing?’
Student: “….okay.. so for the ladies then?”
Me: “…..Kate Winslet..” *don’t you ask me why*
Student: “Right. And as the best movie? What do you think?”
Me: “…that’ll probably be Benjamin Button..”
Student: “…thank you!”

Thinking about it.. I should have said names that wasn’t even on the list.
“Best movie?”

Don’t put that on the radio please.