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Pin cushions.


I ordered new fabric for wrist pin cushions a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday I started on four. I only have four wrist bands left, and I need to order some more. The store I got them at has such expensive shipping so I’m hesitating, I hate paying almost as much in shipping as the item itself. I haven’t found any other shop yet though.

Two cats with feathers and a hat, a scared braced girl and a very sad apple.

Our neighbours are rebuilding their house┬á and it seems they just started. There’s a machine humming in a very annoying sound, when it goes quiet it’s like my brain goes ‘aaahhh’. I’m not looking forward to this..

Pin cushion girls.


I’ve discovered the joy of Spoonflower, at last. I’m totally in love with that place. I don’t understand how to get stuff exactly right just yet, but I’m having fun trying.

These are my new creations, Pin cushion girls for the wrist. I wanted to have a good place to put the needles while sewing on the machine, and these work pretty great.

The ‘Joy Division-girl’ and The ‘Vampire girl’, on striped elastic bands.

The ‘English girl’ on striped elastic band.

And finally, a big pin cushion girl on a fake leather back so she won’t move all over the place