Please consider I might not have enough of some fabrics.


Blue lips

Black lips

Forest animals


Cotton&Steel Racoons


Cotton&Steel Hotpink hearts 

Cotton&Steel Alice

Cotton&Steel Apples

Cotton&Steel Vintage pink

Cotton&Steel Vintage red


Cotton&Steel pink flowers

Cotton&Steel dark blue flowers

Cotton&Steel blue flowers

Cotton&Steel Midnight flowers 

Cotton&Steel Swans


Cotton&Steel Catladies red

 Cotton&Steel Graveyard light

Cotton&Steel Graveyard dark

Seersucker flowers

Seersucker Kitties


Cotton&Steel Figures

Cotton&Steel Vacation

80ies dinosaurs 

 Dark flowers

Midnight blue with plus signs 


Vintage birds

Black and white strokes

Dusty purple w black dots




Pink foxes

Peachy flowers

Pink cameras 

Blue cameras

 Blue glasses (canvas)


Lightning (print by me)

Singing Dogs Blue

Singing Dogs Pink

Pink Stashes (print by me)

Blue Stashes (print by me)


Pink Clouds (print by me)

Grey Clouds (print by me)


Blue stars





Flowers 01

Flowers 02

Flowers 03


Flowers 04

Flowers 05

Flowers 06

Flowers 07

Flowers 08


Flower 09

Flowers 10

Flowers 11

Flowers 12

Flowers 13


Flowers 14

Flowers 15

Flowers 16

Flowers 17

Flowers 18


Flowers 19

Flowers 20

Flowers 21

Flowers 22

Flowers 23


Flowers 24

Flowers 25

Flowers 26

Roses 01

Roses 02


Roses 03

Roses 04

Roses 05

Narwhal Blue

Narwhal Pink



Budgies (double gauze)

Funky Animals

Blue & Red Checks

Black & Red Checks


Black Batik

Purple Checks

Blue Checks


Glasses (print by me)

Big eyes


Cats (big print)

Pink cactus

Watercolour Cactus



Ice cream sparkle

Ice creams

Planets with gold (big print)



Cats mint

Dots gold

Dots blue

Dots mustard

Dots mint



Bunnies and dots (big print)

No bunnies and dots

Grey lightning

Mint feathers


Dots pink

Dots dusty pink

Dots pink & black

Dots mint & black

Dots pink & yellow


Soft pink

Badgers Mustard (big print)

Mustard scribbles

Black scribbles

Mint dots


Mustard triangles

Blue flowers

Mint flowers

Mustard flowers

Pink flowers


Vintage cats (big print)

Cats on pink (big print)

Sweet cats

Silver Bunny

Bronze Dinos


Medallion bunny

Medallion deer

Light blue dots

Pink dots

Yellow dots


Light Pink Clouds

Light blue Clouds

Hot Pink Clouds

Hot Pink Clouds 02

Turqouise clouds


Purple Clouds

Red Clouds

Dark blue Clouds

Small blue clouds

Yellow Clouds


Brown Clouds


Grey Bows


Multi stripes


Flower 1

Flowers 02

Flowers 03

Flowers 04

Flowers 06


Flowers 07 wine red

Flowers 08

Flowers 09

Flowers 10

Tiny flowers


Roses 01

Roses 02

Roses 03

Roses 04

Graffiti Help the planet


Forrest Animals 01

Forrest Animals 02

Grey hearts

Dark hearts

Black hearts


Blue lines hearts

Multi-coloured hearts

Green hearts

Red hearts



Yellow Schrooms

Pink Schrooms

Blue Schrooms

Birds 01

Birds 02



Silver Umbrellas



Lilla My - Moomin






Grey Flowers

White Flowers



Minnie Mouse (almost out)


Purple dots

Red stripes with colurful neps






Aztec 1

Aztec 2

Pink stars



Tri-blend pink

Tri-blend blue

Tri-blend purple

Tri-blend mint



Dusty pink

Tri-blend white

Black neps

Dark blue neps

Maroon neps


Pink & white

Yellow & white

Purple & purple

Hot pink & white

Grey & grey


Light pink & white

Purple & white

Blue & white

Mint & white



Thin stripes black & white

Light pink & pink

Light blue & blue

Rainbow stripes

Black & white


Dusty pink & black

Dark blue & blue

Blue & white

Beige & white

White & red


Strawberries (fussy back)

Pink Apples (sweatshirt)

Roses (sweatshirt)

Bunnies (fussy back)

City (sweatshirt)


Petrol (fussy back)

Pink lines (sweatshirt)

White lines (sweatshirt)


Fleece super fluffy pink

Fleece super fluffy blue

Fleece fluffy white

Fleece fluffy grey

Fleece mint


Fleece with dots mint

Fleece with dots pink

Fleece black

Fake fur Grey

Fake fur Beige


Purple fleece

Yellow Fluffy fleece








Dark blue







Pink with gold sparkle

Off-white with gold sparkle






Blue Roses

Brown Flowers

Brown Flowers 02

Purple Flowers

Brown Flowers 03