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Another monday then.


I decided to hold up on the other books. I couldn’t help but read The Host last night, I got from ch.5 to 9. She’s now off to find Jared and Jamie. I almost brought the book on the bus, but I don’t want to mess it up to much.

I’m at work trying to figure out how to do a site with css. I’m not doing that well, which makes me mad. I can’t even get the bloody background image to show itself. I’m thinking about screaming at the moment. I can get a colour in the box, but not the image. Come on!



Wondering what to do..

Twist hair up.. yeah.. having too much fun..

At least the cat has a busy schedule..

Joins cat to try it out..

Got bored and started to read The Host by Stephenie Meyer instead..

Decide it’s not a good idea to read 3 books at the same time, goes to cut out a hat..

And get the good idea to make coffee and drink 3 cups..

I think I need a forth one..



I’m on my way to see Bob Dylan here. Yepp.

I have seen Bob Dylan.


We saw Bob Dylan last night in Stockholm. Bob freaking Dylan!

It was so good. But as I read in a review: “You could almost hear what he sung”. That sums it up pretty good. To me it mostly sounded like “blahabla blaha blaha Desolation road” (oh it’s Desolation road). At some points I noticed I was smiling at how it sounded. How rude. It was really hard to hear any words though. Still it was magical. Dylan is a genius.

I also wanted to smack myself in the face after an hour as I was so tired and my eyes wanted to stay closed after every blink. That’s unacceptable really.

Songs he did do that I noticed, he does change them a lot live, and I’ve only listened to his old stuff.
Desolation road
Highway 61
Rolling stone

Lay, Lady, Lay (they played this outside before the concert and I was singing in the cue. In the concert his singing made me so confused I couldn’t sing along at all.. hah)
Blowin’ in the wind
The “Everybody must get stoned”-song.. can’t remember the title.. (titles and me don’t go hand in hand)

I’ve never been in such a long cue before to get into a concert at Globen. It was SO bloody cold! I had a sleeveless dress (yes the Topshop one with hearts), stockings and my red converse shoes on. And my coat. The wind went right through me. Brr. We sat down at 19.30 and he got on stage 19.40, which was impressive. People never keep the time, but he did.

10p for Dylan!



I got a letter from a school I went to in ’99 yesterday. They informed me it was a reunion this year in April ’cause it’s been 10 years. I wouldn’t go if they paid me.

I left high school in ’98 and had no idea what so ever about what I wanted to do. So I stayed in my home town for a year and worked, 6 months with a clothes designer and 6 months in a photo store. Then I decided I wanted to live where my friends had moved, which was Växjö, so I found this school that had a course in Photography. Which was the school I got the letter from. That year didn’t really do anything good, more than moving.
They wrote that someone in every class should call around and get as many classmates possible to come. I’m not really worried that someone will call me. I really hope no one will.
I have a videotape we did in a lesson, one girl did a presentation of everyone in the class and she called me “a tiny snow white” or something like that.
I remember hearing them saying strange stuff about me, but no one ever talked to me (except the 4 friends I had).

Funny thing is that they also sent a photo of attendants from last years reunion. NO ONE was under 60y. Hah! Yeah, I so wanna go. I want to meet everyone that’s ever gone to that school.

I’m gonna toss that letter.

Books, books and books.


Catherine Hardwicke’s “Twilight – Director’s notebook” should be great reading, from the photos posted from it.
It felt silly to buy one book so I got two Marian Keyes books I’ve missed as well.
All of them in English. I’m refusing to read anything in Swedish (well at least book written in English, I’m tired of translations).

I’m gonna have to sell some books soon.. or get another shelf. And a flat to put it in.

Mm lovely day.


I walked up to the store to get some dinner before, listening to Tigerlou. It’s sunny for once, but we still have snow. When I got home I felt really off though. I was getting black dots in front of my eyes and I knew it would go completely dark any second, which it did. I actually fell down to the floor and just sat there for 10 minutes. I never faint, but I might have done if I hadn’t gotten to the floor. Yikes.
This cold has been going on for a week now. I think I’ve had enough.

My fingertips are blue. Need coffee.

Kitty cat.

I’m still sick. Seriously. What’s up with this crap?! I think it’s all very unfair. I’ve watched the English series Skins, both first and second seasons. I’ve watched The Haunted Airman and.. I tried to watch Milk but got bored. I saw Flakes, which also was kind of boring and never ending.

While watching movies I made the clothes Noor has on (right). Not the hat though.

And I took some photos of this majestic cat. She thinks she’s all that. And she is.



I’m seeing things. I thought the cat was walking up beside me this morning and out the door when I said bye to matt.
Just now I thought there was something infront of me while I was walking out to the hallway.
Delusional. Nice.

Or it’s just the fact that I really need to cut my bangs.

Things to do when sick.

Order clothes from H&M.

Oh crap.


Check it in original size.

My throat  aches. And I’m cold. Damnit. I think my fingertips are blue. I was gonna draw something tiny to go along with this text, but I ended up drawing this strange thing which took like an hour instead.
I’m thinking about joining my cat. She’s lying in my bed looking very comfy. I think I should go get some tea instead.

I’m listening to Red House Painters. That’s one singer with a great voice. I think I am sick actually. I thought about it. Just now. I went down town yesterday to get some stuff at h&m and someone must have passed something on. Right? I might freeze to death now.
Head ache coming. I could make this into a “minute by minute – how you feel the sickness growing”.



Went down to H&M today to get some hoodies. Found a grey one and a black one, since that’s basically all I ever use. They end up getting holes at the elbow. I bought this dress..thingy too as it was on sale.

From Swallowing Grandma.


Reading Swallowing Grandma by Kate Long.

Page 53:
“As I walked up to the entrance I caught sight of Mr Poole sitting half-hidden in a winged chair behind a weeping fig. He had a tea towel over his lap and his hand beneath it was jerking up and down, up and down. Christ, I thought. Even in here it’s full of pervs.
I veered slightly so that I would pass near him, and hissed, “You’re disgusting”, at the top of his head.  He looked up, surprised. His face seemed odd and naked. As I glared at him the cloth fell away across his knee and I could see that he was  holding a pair of glasses in his lap. His flies, I noted, were completely closed.
“Just a sec”, he said, sliding the glasses onto his nose.
“That’s better. Couldn’t see a blessed thing before.” He peered up at me. “Now, what’s tha sayin’?”
“It needs dusting. This place.”


Before bed.


I don’t know what to do with all my thoughts sometimes.

They don’t fit.



This was not what I wanted to see this morning. Hello Winter coat!