I trailed off..

I bought a new coat. It’s navy blue and sweet and has big buttons and it’s A-lined. It’s still too cold for it really, but I’m beginning to really dislike my winter jacket.. and the winter. So I’m gonna wear it. And freeze. That’s normal behavior anyways. My friends were chocked I actually owned a winter coat. I used to walk around in my red summer jacket all year ’round.

And a side story from that, the very same summer jacket was a very bad choice New Years of 2001 when I apparently dropped my key to my flat on my way to Linda (I fell down on the icy road, that’s more luck to you) and couldn’t get into the house when I got home in the middle of the night. I had thin black pants and my red summer jacket, probably a pair of converse shoes too. I walked back to her house and couldn’t get in there either as their door was locked. My cellphone was out of battery. They lived 5 apartments up so throwing rocks on their window was out, I considered it. I then tried to phone her at a gas station, but as the phone was dead I didn’t know their number. Haha. I can’t remember how I finally reached her but I did and I called some security people to come open my door and Linda’s bf dressed me up in some ridiculous army stuff he had so I wouldn’t freeze to death on my way back. Then I had to wait outside my door for 45 minutes before the idiot came and opened up for me. Greatest New Years ever.

Oh well, can’t hang around here.. must work on my portfolio.

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