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Theodora in a pastel bird dress with pink lace.
Fabric from Tilde, Panduro / Lace from Etsy


Dress with flowers on a red base, and tiny heart buttons.
Fabric gift from Brenda / Buttons from Thaifab on Etsy


Finally a craft store has opened in our local shopping mall. It’s pretty huge and have fabrics.
I had to get a few pieces from the line ‘Tilde’.

A doll wish.


I would not mind a Dollstown Elysia.. just saying..

..she’s just about 60 cm tall.



Theodora sports a new owl hoodie.
Owl fabric from Etsy / Stockings made by me

Strawberry fields forever hoodie.
Fabric from Etsy / Tiny 4mm buttons from Thaifab on Etsy

Lovi & Lyra.


Stripes are one of the best things I know in fabrics, these used to be kids clothes.
Striped fabric from Kappahl / 4mm buttons from Thaifab on Etsy / Shoes by Carla Benham / Knitted hat by Amanda


Wedge in a comfy sweater dress with owls and stripes.
Owl fabric from Etsy / Stripes from Kappahl

Veil & Veil.

Veil got duplicated. I wouldn’t mind if I did have two of her. I made the dresses from kids clothes,
which is on top of the list of my source to get tiny patterned fabric.
‘Fabric’ from Kappahl / Buttons from Thaifab on Etsy / Boots by Carla Benham / Yellow chair by Lundby

The twins.


She’s actually not really a twin, but since I got two bodies now a days I had to put these face plates together. She’s my Littlefee Bisou J├│nsi. They look amazingly cute together, and even more so with the ‘holding hands’.
Fabric from Kappahl / Heart leggings by Brenda / 4mm buttons from Thaifab on Etsy

Can’t get enough of my deer.


Modded FL Littlefee Piki by Sint. Face-up by Caroline, Viridian House.

A bunch of sweaters.


I had this great idea of using some old fabrics from my cupboard. As I don’t know how to stop I made 5 at once. 3 of 5 used to be kids underpants, as they were to cute not to cut up.

Fabric from Lindex / 4mm buttons from Thaifab on Etsy /
Bow shoes from Aubreydolls / MJ’s and boots from Rubyredgalleria



I just found some ‘Fabrics’ in the clothes store Kappahl. I do love stripes.

Buying stuff..


I have a crazy love for fabrics.. fabrics with clouds. And tiny buttons.
I use stickers for the packages of clothes.
I also finally found some really good rib knit 1×1 which I need for cuffs. I have been using what little that comes with baby clothes, but they tend to get used up really fast. All I need now is red, black, white and perhaps some yellow. I’m not picky. Yes, I am.

For Etsy.