The jump suit give-away.

So I made this jump suit pattern for Lati Yellow / FL Pukifee. The first one I make with a new pattern is a trial, sometimes it works out perfect and sometimes not. This first jump suit’s only little ‘fault’ is that the legs aren’t the length I was going for. It’s still pretty cute in it’s cloudy ways.

So, instead of it lying around in a pile I’ll do a give-away. Write a comment here and you’ll get a number.
I’ll pick one this weekend.. Don’t forget to add your mail <3

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1. Peggy 2. Ona 3. Karo 4. Lucy
5. Tammy 6. Litschii 7. Lorraine 8. Becca
9. Vicky 10. Hayley 11. Aya 12. Carmina
13. Olga 14. Simmi 15. Louise 16. Keri
17. Melissa 18. Shannon 19. Cyrielle 20. Stéphanie
21. Shell 22. Benjamin 23. Amanda 24. Charlotte
25. Christina 26. Yvonne 27. Heather 28. Annie
29. Megdalena 30. Lisette 31. Jenni 32. Alexis
33. Linda 34. Eva 35. Samson 36. Sophie
37. Anna 38. Nicola 39. Cindy 40. Juliana
41. Nicole 42. Buganville 43. Daphne 44. KatWoods
45. Shaz 46. Gamusina 47. Lana 48. Alma
49. Carla 50. Chun

UPDATE: Oh gosh.. I think we’ll stop here. 50! I never thought we’d get to 50 <3

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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50 Responses to “The jump suit give-away.”

  1. Peggy Says:

    So cute!! Thanks for doing this :3

  2. Ona - LoveOnTheRox Says:

    Ohhhh, I’ll play! How nice of you to let us play. I can see nothing wrong with it and I LOVE the fabric. And of course Nell is adorable in it. I wonder if she’d give her permission to give her jammies away. =:)


  3. Karo Says:

    Sooooo cute! My girls need a jump suit :) so i take m’y chance ! Tanks for doing this <3

  4. lucy-loves? Says:

    It is so super adorable jenny =) How kind of you to do this ^___^ Good luck everyone!

  5. Tammy Says:

    I love it! It’s so adorable! Such a sweet thing to do! Thanks!

  6. Litschii Says:

    This one is so adorable *-*
    I think it suits you little one so well (:
    ( I won’t say keep it ’cause then we won´t have the chance to participate here ;) )
    Btw you´re really Kind doing this <33

  7. * Sweet Lorraine * Says:

    It’s so cute and wow this is a great idea <3 <3 !!

  8. Becca Says:

    So cute! I love love LOVE the clouds!

  9. Vicky Schabregs Says:

    My girls really need clothes from you and this is just so cute! <3

  10. Hayley Says:

    This is adorable! I love the clouds and the little buttons. You’re so sweet for doing this too <3

  11. Aya Says:

    Awww this is so cute! please add me :*

  12. Carmina Says:

    Lati + clouds
    Can it be more adorable?

  13. Olga Says:

    oh thank you for doing this Jenny, i love all your clothes and this little jumpsuit is no exception! i see no fault, i think it is adorable! ***Grabby hands***

  14. Simmi Says:

    Thank you for doing this <3
    This is really adorable!

  15. Louise Says:

    <333 You= the awesomest for doing this!

  16. Keri Says:

    It’s adorable! I would love to win this for my Pong or my bunny, so cute!

  17. Melissa Says:

    oh my that is really cute and so kind of you! I always miss your outfits because I am at work…silly time differences!

  18. Shannon Says:

    I always get stuck with the reject patterns but this is a great idea. So sweet.


  19. Cyrielle Says:

    Sooo cute! Can I participate? Thank you!

  20. Stéphanie Says:

    Perfect ! I have two girls who love to sleep “the head in the clouds” ;o)
    Hope this will makes me lucky at once..

  21. Shell Says:

    Jenny…….this cloud jumpsuit is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I think it looks perfecto. xox

  22. Benjamin Says:

    Ooooh so cool ! ! *___*
    I wanna be part of that !
    Good luck everyone ! ^___^
    And thank you Jenny for doing this ! :)

  23. Amanda Says:

    These rompers are adorable! It’s amazing that you created this pattern all on your own…that’s talent! You’re the BEST!

  24. Charlotteofraises Says:

    What a nice idea and cute suit :)

  25. Christina Says:

    So adorable, thank you for doing this! I hope some day I’ll be lucky to get an item made by you.

  26. Yvonne Says:

    This is oh so sweet and adorable, all the girls will love it!

  27. Heather Says:

    Love the jumpsuit. Please make more for Lati yellow!

  28. Annie Says:

    Love this little girl and her jump suit! Thanks Jenny~

  29. megdalena Says:

    It’s sooooo cute! Love it! :D

  30. Lisette Says:

    Oh!! My girls would love to have a playsuit…Even Beng-Beng says he’d wear it :D

  31. jeni bunny Says:

    Wooow, I love it! So nice you’re doing give away again <3 You’re the best!

  32. Alexis Says:

    I love this! In fact, – I love all your clothes, but I’m always too slow when they appear in the e place :) Keep up the great work!
    Crossing my fingers here!

  33. Linda Says:

    Since you sent me here I felt I had no choice but to join in on the fun. Really, I couldn’t be so rude as to ignore it, could I? ;)

  34. Eva Says:

    Så jättesöt! till och med Knut vill ha den.

  35. samson Says:

    Love your clothes and this cute jumpsuit is no exception X

  36. Sophie Says:

    Ah, Scout says we definitely have to try and win this for her! xP

  37. Anna Says:

    Fluffy clouds to carry you to dreamland; who could ask for more? Tiffany blue, my favorite colour. How sweet of you to share.

  38. Nicola Says:

    Hi, Jenny

    I just came across your flickr and now found your blog :) I really like the things you make and I think Mila or Romi will love a little jumpsuit like this, too! ;D

    Greetings from Germany, Nicola

  39. Cindy Says:

    This is adorable. I give you credit for designing the clothes. I seem to give up as soon as it doesn’t work.

  40. Juliana Says:

    Love your dollie outfits, this one is super cute!

  41. Nicole Says:

    Hope I’m not too late :) Such a cute jumpsuit!

  42. Buganville Says:

    My Muichan doll would die if I got this jumpsuit for her!

  43. Daphne Says:

    I love this jump suit! And how sweet of you! :)

  44. KatWoods Says:

    Ohh, this is adorable! Love the fabric *crossing fingers and toes for the lottery*

  45. ShazDolls Says:

    This is sooo cute and thanks for doing this give-away! :-)

  46. Gamusina Says:

    I would like to participate too, love your jump suits and this one is so nice with the clouds <3

    Good luck to all!

  47. Lana Says:

    Henrietta has her icantdance clothes…now its time to start giving the other kids in the house a chance (she doesn’t share well, being a Person and all) We LOVE your stuff!

  48. Alma Says:

    Need it to !!!!!!!

  49. Carla Says:

    aww Nell looks SO cute !! .. thought I would come play too :)

  50. chun Says:

    Would love a chance to win it <3 thank you! :)

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