5 day give away – msd *closed*

On the forth day Peeta comes to show you this very colourful striped sweater dress, it has three button on the front and closes with velcro in the back. She matches it with a pink flappie hat covered with mushrooms, and clouds on yellow. Yes, this flappie can be worn both ways!

If you want to bring this little sweater dress and flappie home write a comment here and you’ll be given a number which will be picked on Friday the 15th (comments needs to be approved so they might not appear right away).

This give away is very free.
Only the dress and flappie are included.

1. Julie H. 2. Sparrow 3. M├ęlaine 4. Christina
5. Kasia 6. Christina 7. Prettio 8. sue
9. Nerea 10. Paige 11. Filipa 12. nab
13. Elena 14. Claudia 15. Angelcakes 16. Khulud
17. Missflynn 18. cassandra 19. Lorti 20. Sloane
21. zorropirate 22. Nicole 23. Wedge 24. Stephanie
25. Tatjana 26. Sofay 27. JiYoung 28. jeni
29. Sharon H 30. Karo 31. Linda 32. Paola
33. Shauna 34. Emma 35. astrosnik 36. Ben
37. Brianna 38. Rumiko 39. Annie 40. Hayley
41. EleanorAnne 42. Kayjay 43. pinkb77 44. Toshiro
45. Johanna 46. Maryjane 47. pettook 48. Lucy

48 Responses to “5 day give away – msd *closed*”

  1. Julie H. Says:

    This is a very nice giveaway you are doing! I will have to look at the other posts. Cute outfit!

  2. Sparrow Says:

    I’d love to join :)

  3. M├ęlaine Says:

    I love this set, so colorful! Thank you so much Jenny for this givaway!!

  4. Christina Says:

    Love the colours! ^___^

  5. Kasia Says:

    I love this explosion of colours. Perfect for the spring :) My Chloe would love it, too

  6. Christina Says:

    Beautiful and colourful, it’s so lovely of you to have giveaways, I really love your flappies.

  7. Prettio Says:

    I love the colours! I’d like to participate :D

  8. sue Says:

    Another beautiful outfit xxx

  9. Nerea Says:

    can you inform me? I love the stripped dress!

  10. Paige Says:

    I am so excited about this one! Great colors!

  11. Filipa Says:

    yay for today! :)

  12. nab Says:

    this is my fav! :)
    Peeta is the best model; she is perfect!

  13. Elena Avdanina Says:

    Wow! Cool! This is for me! ;)

  14. Claudia Says:

    O wow, what a great giveaway!! I already clicked on it to see if you were selling it! Keep my fingers crossed, hopefully I win :-)!

  15. Marie Angelcakes Says:

    I really like your works! I want to join please :)

  16. Khulud Says:

    aww I want in on this one for sure x3!

  17. Missflynn Says:

    Lovely! My new Minifee girl would love to wear it ^_^

  18. cassandra Says:

    SOOoOOo pretty, please count me in :) Always such vibrant fun use of colors!

  19. Lorti Says:

    Arisu would FLIP to wear this outfit!!! Crossing fingers and squinting eyes, we hope we win!!!! :D

  20. Sloane Says:

    I love this set, excellent work!

  21. Jess "zorropirate" Says:

    My Olivia would love to wear this Jenny. Such fun soft comfy colours.

    >>> I actually wish I had an outfit like this for ME! :P

  22. Nicole Says:

    I love the pattern on the hat *^*
    Here I gooo~

  23. Wedge Says:

    I join, I join!

  24. Stephanie Says:


  25. Tatjana Says:

    i love this colour explosion *__*

  26. Sophie / Sofay Says:

    I’d love to join, please! This outfit is perfect for Jasper. :3

  27. JiYoung Says:

    Awww~~~ So cute!!!!! I really like the hat~~ with little mushrooms~~ so adorable :)

  28. jeni bunny Says:

    Mushrooms and lots of colors <333 Your work is always so awesome ^u^

  29. Sharon H Says:

    Very cute outfit, love the rainbow of colours!

  30. Karo Says:

    This is very fun!

  31. Linda Says:

    Me too please!

  32. Paola Says:

    I love it!

  33. Shauna Says:

    This is so adorable! Good luck everyone in this nice giveaway

  34. Emma Says:

    Oh I love this set!

  35. astrosnik Says:

    This is sooooo cute! Nice to see a colourful outfit for the MSD size girls.

  36. Ben Says:

    Oh my ! This set is just truly awesome !! I love your flappies ! <3

  37. Brianna Says:

    SO SO perfect!

  38. Rumiko Says:

    Here I am again, please :D

  39. Annie Says:

    I want in!

  40. Hayley Says:

    You are so sweet for doing this <3 I hope I'm not too late to enter

  41. EleanorAnne Says:

    this set is so cute!
    and it’s so nice of you to do this giveaway <3

  42. Kathryn/Kayjay Says:

    Would love to be entered into the draw, thank you!!

  43. pinkb77 Says:

    Can I be in :D

  44. Toshiro-Sthlm Says:

    Ah almost missed this! So adorable, enter :3

  45. Johanna Says:

    I love that striped sweater. ^^

  46. Maryjane Says:

    Yes, please enter me for this give-away. Thank you!!

  47. pettook Says:

    WOW this is so cute! crossing my fingers :3

  48. Lucy Says:

    Hope I am in time to still enter for this one :) such a lovely set!

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