5 days give away – Blythe *closed*

On the third day of Christ… the give away Sheldon is bored but showing this short baby-doll styled dress with happy singing dogs on pink, it has a tiny heart button on the front and closes with velcro in the back. The headband makes the musical number complete.

If you want to bring this little dress home write a comment here and you’ll be given a number which will be picked on Friday the 15th (comments needs to be approved so they might not appear right away).

This give away is very free.
Only the dress and headband are included.

1. Peggy 2. Veronica 3. Mélaine 4. Tatjana
5. Filipa 6. Rumiko 7. sue 8. tricia
9. Kasia 10. Christine 11. Emily 12. Kyle
13. Erin 14. Vicky 15. Kimberly 16. jordana
17. Sharon H 18. Emma 19. jess 20. Ruth
21. Beth 22. Laeti 23. Emi 24. Brianna
25. Viviana 26. Paige 27. Sloane 28. Sparrow
29. Vanessa 30. jeni 31. Annie 32. Shaz
33. Aya 34. Kayjay 35. Jo 36. paula
37. Brionie 38. Ghyslaine 39. KaChu 40. Cristina

40 Responses to “5 days give away – Blythe *closed*”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Love this blythe dress!! Thanks for doing this!

  2. Veronica Says:

    I love this dress ♥

  3. Mélaine Says:

    This set is so funny! Love it <3

  4. Tatjana Says:

    Uhh another lovely Outfit *__*

  5. Filipa Says:

    *puts hand in the air* I have a new blythe girl on the way and she needs this eheheh <3

  6. Rumiko Says:

    Great dress :D

  7. sue Says:

    Thank you for these give aways – I would love to added to this too please ??

  8. tricia Says:

    i love this cute dress and sheldon<3

  9. Kasia Says:

    My girls would fight for it!!! The dogs are so cute :)

  10. Christine Says:

    I adore this dress, and the headband is ingenious! For sure my girls would be super stylish if they could wear them! It also would be nice because my girls don’t really have any longer sleeved outfits.
    Thanks for doing this! You are so sweet!

  11. Emily Says:

    Cute dress!

  12. Kyle Says:


  13. Erin Says:

    I love this dress… my girl would love to wear it!!!

  14. Vicky Schabregs Says:

    Love it!

  15. Kimberly Says:

    What a lovely set – count me in. You have the skillz <3

  16. jordana Says:

    SO CUTE! put my name in please :)

  17. Sharon H Says:

    Very cute and pretty! I think one of my girls would enjoy wearing this!

  18. Emma Says:

    Amazing outfit! Love it!

  19. jess Says:

    I love this dress : ) x

  20. Ruth Says:

    I would love to have something of yours!

  21. Beth Says:

    Love this!

  22. Laeti Says:

    Let’s play for this one too :)

  23. Emi Says:

    so cute! My dolls want it. ♥

  24. Brianna Says:

    Gorgeous as usual!!! my blythes would LOVE this!

  25. Viviana Says:

    Love it!Count me in :)

  26. Paige Says:

    This is awesome!

  27. Sloane Says:

    SO CUTE love it!

  28. Sparrow Says:

    I’m in! ^u^

  29. Vanessa Says:

    This is a lovely outfit and I love the headband <3

  30. jeni bunny Says:

    Cute cute cute! :D

  31. Annie Says:

    Love this cute dress!

  32. Shaz Says:

    Very adorable dress!!! <3

  33. Aya Says:

    So cute;)

  34. Kathryn/Kayjay Says:

    Would love to be entered into the draw, thank you!!

  35. Jo Says:

    lovely! hope I am not to late to join :)

  36. paula Says:

    I would love this for my Danner Bleu! Such a cute outfit! Crossing fingers she gets a new outfit from you! Thanks!

  37. Brionie Says:

    This is so cute, what a sweet giveaway!

  38. Ghyslaine Says:

    I love giveaways! Can I still join?

  39. KaChu Says:

    It’s so cute, I hope I am not too late here to have a chance to win it!

  40. Cristina Says:

    i love this pink dress!!!

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