5 days give away – Lati Yellow *closed*

Second day of the Give away has a vampire showing you some colourful stuff. South is wearing a funny sweater with owls and hedgehogs, it has 3 tiny buttons on the front and closes with velcro in the back, and a pair of bright stockings.

If you want to bring this little set home write a comment here and you’ll be given a number which will be picked on Friday the 15th (comments needs to be approved so they might not appear right away).

This give away is very free.
Only the sweater and stockings are included.

1. JiYoung 2. Elena 3. Peggy 4. Brianna
5. Shaz 6. Cassandra 7. Christina 8. Aya
9. Jenni 10. Bianca 11. Emily 12. Little-Kate
13. Rumiko 14. Rach 15. Marion 16. Karo
17. Shershe 18. Zorropirate 19. Toshiro 20. Lorti
21. Nixipixi 22. Priscila 23. Alex 24. Vicky
25. Nanasscrap 26. Stephanie 27. Lucy 28. Missflynn
29. Keri 30. Sparrow 31. Sharon 32. Tatjana
33. Alexis 34. Julia 35. Jeni 36. Linda
37. Wedge 38. Emma 39. Filipa 40. Mariana
41. Sloane 42. sue 43. megdalena 44. Kasia
45. Laeti 46. Lisa 47. Nikki 48. Puri
49. Annie 50. jess 51. Eileen 52. Paige
53. Sofay 54. Cristina 55. Laurie 56. Kat
57. Litschi 58. Khulud 59. Christina 60. Vanessa
61. Kayjay 62. Johanna 63. elaine 64. Vicky
65. Litschi 66. Maryjane 67. paula 68. Paola
69. nab 70. pettook 71. 72.

69 Responses to “5 days give away – Lati Yellow *closed*”

  1. JiYoung Says:

    This is very cute :) I really like the color combination~~~

  2. Elena Avdanina Says:

    What a lovely set!

  3. Peggy Says:

    Here we are again! Love your work!

  4. Brianna Says:

    OOH I adore this!!!! SO sweet of you to offer! <3

  5. Shaz Says:

    Very beautiful set and thanks for doing this fun giveaway!!!
    :)) <3

  6. Cassandra Says:

    Really cute set, the multicolored sleeves are really sweet! I love your stuff for Lati Yellow :) so bright + fun!!

  7. Christina Says:

    Wow, this is really cute! Love the colours!

  8. Aya Says:

    This is super cute!! <333

  9. Jenni Cowey Says:

    This is so kind of you =)

  10. Scrapfreakgirl/Bianca Says:

    I love this set will look cute on pukifee too;)…so yes i will give it a try last time i won a msd sweater so maybe i am lucky again;)

  11. Emily Says:

    Very cute! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  12. Little-Kate Says:

    Aw this is such a cute giveaway I’d love to have a chance too ^^

  13. Rumiko Says:

    Me please!!!!!!

  14. Rach Says:

    Very generous, love this set so much, fingers, toes and eyes crossed! >_<

  15. Marion Speta Says:

    So cute!

  16. Karo Says:

    This is über cute!

  17. Shershe Says:

    Georgie loves hedgehogs! I’d love to enter this one too!

  18. Jess "zorropirate" Says:

    OH MY!!

    A hedgie outfit for a lati yellow… an utter dream. :)

  19. Toshiro-Sthlm Says:

    Omg this is so cute!!! :D

  20. Lorti Says:

    OMG yay!!!! I hope I win, this set is amazing!!!

  21. Nixipixi/Nikola Says:

    thanks for having a wonderful give-away:) Very cute outfit:)

  22. Priscila/Little Prix Says:

    This sweater is awesome!

  23. Alex Says:

    So cute! thanks for this giveaway

  24. Vicky Schabregs Says:

    I love owls! very cute! <3

  25. Nanasscrap Says:

    So cute set !!!

  26. Stephanie Says:

    This is adorable! Include me please! :)

  27. Lucy Says:

    So cute! Thanks for doing this! Good luck everyone!

  28. Missflynn Says:

    This is so cute! You are amazing to be doing giveaways for people!

  29. Keri Says:

    I would love to join this giveaway!

  30. Sparrow Says:

    I’m in! ^u^

  31. Sharon Humphreys Says:

    This is really lovely, I’d love to see one of my little girls wearing this!
    Thank you!

  32. Tatjana Says:

    Oh what a lovely outfit <3

  33. Alexis Young Says:

    So cute! Love the bright colours :)

  34. Julia Says:

    too funny! love it :x:x:x

  35. jeni bunny Says:

    This might be my favorite set..maybe. Love them all though :D

  36. Linda Says:

    Pick me, me, me, me!!!! A girl can always dream, right ;)

  37. Wedge Says:

    I joined!

  38. Emma Says:

    Oh it’s beautiful!!! {crosses fingers}}

  39. Filipa Says:

    Yay! I will join this time! I still have my little lati Lumi <3

  40. Mariana Says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed xx

  41. Sloane Says:

    SO cute, I love it! Thanks hun!

  42. sue Says:

    please please please add me !!!

  43. megdalena Says:

    This is too adorable!!!!!! XD

  44. Kasia Says:

    Love it! My Lea would be happy to wear such a sweet outfit :)

  45. Laeti Says:

    Need this for my new girl! Thanx

  46. Lisa Says:

    Me too please!! So sweet of you to do these giveaways!!

  47. Nikki Says:

    This is so cute!!

  48. Puri Merino Says:

    This set is adorable and wonderful

  49. Annie Says:


  50. jess Says:

    I hope I am not to late with the time differences :) this set is adorable!

  51. Eileen Says:

    Yay I’d love to participate! ♥ Thank you for this lovely give away! I love the color of the stockings, and the owl/hedgehog pattern is so cute! ♥

  52. Paige Says:

    Super cute!

  53. Sophie / Sofay Says:

    I’d like to enter please! Love this set. :3

  54. Cristina Says:

    I love them!!! Perfect sweater!!!

  55. Laurie Says:

    So cute ❤ nice to meet you

  56. Kat Says:

    I would adore to own one of your sweet sets x

  57. Litschi Says:

    Oh my god I love this set! I’d so love to bring it home for my little baby ❤

  58. Khulud Says:

    this set is so cute x3
    would be so awesome if i win one (;m;)

  59. Christina Says:

    I’ve always loved your sweaters, this one is super cute!

  60. Vanessa Says:

    This is just adorable, I love hegdogs :)

  61. Kathryn/Kayjay Says:

    Would love to be entered into the draw, thank you!!

  62. Johanna Says:

    Such a cute little set. :)

  63. elaine Says:

    Hope I am not too late, this is so kind of you and My girls would love to be the proud owner of one of your pieces, so I am in too

  64. Vicky Says:

    So cute! I hope I get lucky. Thank you! :)

  65. Maryjane Says:

    Yes, please enter me for this give-away. Thank you!!

  66. paula Says:

    I love everything about this outfit! My Sofie would LOVE this outfit!

  67. Paola Says:

    I really like this one :)

  68. nab Says:

    Great outfit as always!

  69. pettook Says:

    WOW this is so cute! crossing my fingers :3

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