Commission list.

So this is the list of Commissions for doll clothes. I’ll do my very best to work as fast as I can, at the same time as I try to juggle life. I hope you’ll have patience if you sign up.

~ For choosing what you want made you can check my Sewing album on Flickr, it contains everything I’ve sewn (quite heavy). Or my Etsy sold listings.

~ For fabrics I’m building a page with everything I have, look here. On going project.
If you have seen a certain fabric in my stream that you’d want me to use let me know.
You can also give me a list of colours or patterns you like and I’ll choose from fabrics I have and then we’ll agree on something.

(Price list will be given by email)

Sign up by sending an email to: jenny(a)icantdance.se, mark it ‘commission list’. It would be cool if you include what you’d want done. Not in detail, just short ideas and doll type, then we’ll get into the details when it’s your turn.


List of commissions
1. Jessica Brough finished
2. Loren Huitre finished
3. Carmina Vargas finished
4. Ona finished
5. Peggy Chang finished
6. Tiina Vanhatupa finished
7. Daphne finished
8. Little-miss Chocoo finished
9. Holic contacted
10. Simmi contacted
11. Isabel A finished
12. Rachel finished
13. Virginia Patterson contacted
14. Lucy Frost finished
15. Bethany Evans contacted
16. Andreea Dima finished
17. Cassandra Mello finished
18. Linou Design contacted
19. Morgan Chardi finished
20. Jeni Koponen contacted
21. Jocelyn Teo contacted
22. Amanda finished
23. Fabbie contacted
24. Heather  contacted
25. Hayley  finished
26. Mariana  contacted
27. Cristina  contacted
28. *Nika*  finished
29. Nicole  finished
30. Lana  contacted
31. Marietta  finished
32. Sophie  finished
33. Karo  finished
34. Lisa  contacted
35. Venessa  finished
36. Carla  finished
37. Marta  finished
38. Jessie  contacted
39. Bryanne  contacted
40. Rebecca  contacted
41. Cassandra  finished
42. Emily  contacted
43. Anastasia  contacted
44. Cécile  contacted
45. Celine  contacted
46. Chris  finished
47. Tricia  contacted
48. Nadia  contacted
49. Kat  contacted
50. Christine  contacted
51. Lily  contacted
52. Karlie Muller  contacted
53. Vi  contacted
54. Christine  contacted
55. Tigerlilly  contacted
56. Christine Kvistad  contacted
57. Isabel
58. Kristina finished
59. Tomo  contacted
60. Ana  finished
61. Nathalie K  contacted
62. Jemaii  contacted
63. Vickie  finished
64. Jacqueline Low  finished
65. Mimsy  contacted
66. Silvia  contacted
67. Cathryn  contacted
68. Cora  finished
69. Jessica O  contacted
70. Phinn  contacted
71. Aundrea  finished
72. Yulah  contacted
73. Gigi Holy  finished
74. Rachel Rene  finished
75. Karo *May*
76. Joanna C. contacted
77. Ann Thomas  contacted
78. Felka  finished
79. Nami  contacted
80. Melissa  contacted
81. Brianna  contacted
82. Aalori  contacted
83. Liza  contacted
84. Lindsay  contacted
85. Caroline J  contacted
86. Evan Sherlin  contacted
87. Caye  contacted
88. Cassandra Mello
89. Sarah Kotra
90. Erika Jones
91. Ratchaporn
92. Heather Roy
93. Aundrea M
94. Nathalia Schimidth
95. Elena Avdanina
96. Chris Hegarty
97. Benjamin

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6 Responses to “Commission list.”

  1. EmixLea Says:

    Hi! love your site!
    I was wondering weather you could tell me any good online stores to buy fabric? I would be really happy if you know any><


  2. Christine Says:

    Looks like i’m to late:( I realy hoped to get one of your fab jumpsuits for my lati white, if you ever take on more commissions, count me in!

  3. Jenny Says:

    I haven’t been able to make any good jump suits that tiny yet, but thanks.. I hope I can open it again.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Hi Emi,
    I find most of my fabrics on Etsy, there’s tons of great ones there.

  5. Christine Says:

    Me again. Just sent you a message on etsy! (and i totaly forgot leaving a comment here before, so the message will look weird now..oh well):)

  6. pinkb77 Says:

    Love to be on your list when you open up again Oinkb77/Tigerlilly

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