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Theodora in a pastel bird dress with pink lace.
Fabric from Tilde, Panduro / Lace from Etsy


Dress with flowers on a red base, and tiny heart buttons.
Fabric gift from Brenda / Buttons from Thaifab on Etsy



Theodora sports a new owl hoodie.
Owl fabric from Etsy / Stockings made by me

Strawberry fields forever hoodie.
Fabric from Etsy / Tiny 4mm buttons from Thaifab on Etsy

Lovi & Lyra.


Stripes are one of the best things I know in fabrics, these used to be kids clothes.
Striped fabric from Kappahl / 4mm buttons from Thaifab on Etsy / Shoes by Carla Benham / Knitted hat by Amanda


Wedge in a comfy sweater dress with owls and stripes.
Owl fabric from Etsy / Stripes from Kappahl

Veil & Veil.

Veil got duplicated. I wouldn’t mind if I did have two of her. I made the dresses from kids clothes,
which is on top of the list of my source to get tiny patterned fabric.
‘Fabric’ from Kappahl / Buttons from Thaifab on Etsy / Boots by Carla Benham / Yellow chair by Lundby

The twins.


She’s actually not really a twin, but since I got two bodies now a days I had to put these face plates together. She’s my Littlefee Bisou J├│nsi. They look amazingly cute together, and even more so with the ‘holding hands’.
Fabric from Kappahl / Heart leggings by Brenda / 4mm buttons from Thaifab on Etsy

A bunch of sweaters.


I had this great idea of using some old fabrics from my cupboard. As I don’t know how to stop I made 5 at once. 3 of 5 used to be kids underpants, as they were to cute not to cut up.

Fabric from Lindex / 4mm buttons from Thaifab on Etsy /
Bow shoes from Aubreydolls / MJ’s and boots from Rubyredgalleria

For Etsy.


And they sailed out on the bay..


And here are links to the ebay listings of Person strap dress sets.

Strap dress set with birds

Strap dress set with cookies

Good luck <3

Strap dress sets.


I am now home for a few days again, vacation times, so I thought it was time to put out these strap dress sets for Secretdoll Persons.

After requests I will do it this way:

* 2 sets will go to Ebay tomorrow, and the links to the auctions will be posted here on my site.
* 2-3 sets will go to Etsy, also tomorrow.

I also have 3 Strap dress sets for Pukis which will go to Etsy at the same time. As well as 3 sweaters for Pukifee/Lati Yellow.

I hope you’ll like all the clothes, much love to you! <3

3 little puki girls.


Couldn’t help myself after making one of these sets for Pukis, I had to make two more. I am in love with these tiny flowers from ‘Liberty’. I wish I had endless of yards of it, that would mean I could get a skirt of my own.

Lovi, Veil and Lyra.

Summer dress.


I tried a new pattern yesterday evening. Turned out pretty lovely. Added braided silk bands as shoulder strap.

I love this fabric. Wouldn’t mind a dress for myself in it either.

Another Etsy update.

These used to be kids tops, they always have the most perfect scenes.

New clothes.


I just added some sweater dresses for Littlefee dolls at my Etsy shop.