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New fabrics.


I had to get some 1×1 ribbing and I found a bunch of different colours at Ottobre’s Etsy shop. This ribbing is thin and perfect for doll clothes. I bought two different shades of pink, white, black and yellow.

While I was ordering I felt it was a great time to finally get this organic cotton knit as well, I’ve been eyeing it for a while. Love the design and colours, will look sweet as kids leggings.

Photo from Ottobre design


New print.


I couldn’t resist this print by JulieFilipenko. I’m building a wall with prints in my sewing room and it’ll be fantastic!

Image from JulieFilipenko

Favourite Etsy shops pt 3


Inspiration fell when I got sick two weeks ago. The cold has just now almost left. It was a horrible one. I’m sewing a lot of kids clothes now for a market in December so I’m just taking a break from finishing two sweaters.

This shop is next on my list of prints I think. It’s called Seventytree. I love the colour choices, the black and white with a little splash of something. We are probably going to fix my room after New Years, when I’ve decided on a wall paper, and I’ll be wanting one or two of her prints on my wall.

I also have a little thing for decorative sticky tape, which this shop has with some really nice patterns.

Do you know any good Etsy shops with prints? Let me know!

Moustaches love.


I was just browsing ModCloth a bit and found some awesome moustaches in different forms. I gave Wedge a themed birthday box last year, which was Moustaches and Owls. It was full of things with moustaches on, and some owls. Which shows my obsession of moustaches, and owls.

I wish ModCloth was in Sweden, shipping gets a bit too high for most things to here. That wall hook would look neat on my wall.

Wall hook / Mug / Ice cubes
Button stickers / Pillow set / Doormat


Favourite Etsy shops pt 2


Here comes another Etsy shop post. I just really love Etsy. And I love my lovely friend Wedge, and she has an Etsy shop with doll clothes called Ball & Socket. She makes sweet things for Lati Yellow & Green and MSD’s. I think she does commissions as well.

These are some of my faves from her shop, and I own a little grey dress just like that first one <3

Favourite Etsy shops pt 1


Since we all hang around on Etsy all day long (don’t we? Yes we do), I’m going to post some great Etsy shops I’ve found. It’ll mainly be doll clothes, paintings, jewellery, kids clothes and such things.

A couple of months ago I found an amazing artist called Dilkabear. I followed her on Instagram for a while until I couldn’t resist buying one of her painting. I am just amazed over her talent and the magic she creats in her paintings.

This was the one I picked as my first. I just love the hair and the dress, and she’s holding a moth. The fact that her head is huge is another thing, hello Blythe. I’m planning to buy some more.. I just can’t decide on which ones to get!

She was so sweet to deal with as well. Oh how I wish I could paint like this.

I might get one or two, or four, of these some day. All photos by Dilkabear.

Ottobre patterns.


I just ordered four pattern magazines from Ottobre, a finish design company. They had an offer to buy 4 magazines, and you’d get one for free. So.. I couldn’t resist when I saw the patterns. I hope I can make some neat Christmas gifts for Joni, and some clothes to add to my shop. I really want to print some bigger versions of my ‘cats in hats’ and sew onto some sweaters.
I got these two to start with, issue 4/2013 and 6/2013.

 I’m most excited for some sweaters and leggings, this striped sweater is just perfect! And leggings with knee patches, a skirt with cats and a panda hat! They have some awesome fabrics on their Etsy which I wouldn’t mind having.

Jeez, this is turning into some kind of crazy consumerism site.

Favourite Spoonflower shops pt 1


Spoonflower is an amazing place to find fabrics, and a good place to support designers. I’ve made some fabrics of my own, and I’m waiting for my brain to come up with some more ideas. It’s so neat going from an idea, to designing it and then having a fabric in your hand.

So, there’s this one shop which has these colourful fabrics, mine!

I made these in scale for doll clothes. They have been sold a couple of times which is beyond amazing.

But I’m not really going to just talk about my own shop, there’s so many wonderful ones on Spoonflower. These two for example, so quirky and colourful you must check them out. Heidi Kenney and Bora.


Favourite Etsy supply shops pt 1


I have some favourite shops on Etsy for supplies, such as fabrics, small buttons and thin velcro. Stuff needed for small clothes. I thought I’d share some of them in different posts, starting with these two.



Cottonholic has lots of awesome knit fabrics, usually you can find some really sweet patterned ones. You can also find loads of nice cottons and lace.

Thaifab is the best shop I’ve found so far for tiny buttons. They have 4mm buttons in so many colours, there’s just no resisting. So perfect for tiny clothes. There’s a lot of 6mm colourful buttons as well.


A doll wish.


I would not mind a Dollstown Elysia.. just saying..

..she’s just about 60 cm tall.

Topshop order.


They better fit. Or else..



I am not much for snow, but today.. it was like walking on velvet.

Just bought.

Eyechips from Brainworm.


Finally bought some eye chips  for the Blythes Isla and Molly, and the custom Pullip that I must really finish so I can sell her.
I’ve been planning to buy eye chips for over a year, then when I manage to do it I buy 1 pair too much.. Oh well.. there’s girl’s to wear them at least.



“We are doing our best to answer your call, thanks for waiting.” Is there anything more annoying to hear in a phone queue? I think not. Am calling phone company now.
I can’t send texts. Since a month or something. I haven’t been bothered. But every time I get one myself I feel so rude for not answering.

And later. No clue-lady told me to restart my phone in 30 minutes. Sure, sure. (She sounded like I was nuts for not having called if it had been like this for a month. “A month!?” Oh, how can one survive without sending texts?)

Got my stuff from Modcloth today. Necklaces; perfect. Glasses; a bit big. Will only keep black Wayfarers.

Books, books and books.


Catherine Hardwicke’s “Twilight – Director’s notebook” should be great reading, from the photos posted from it.
It felt silly to buy one book so I got two Marian Keyes books I’ve missed as well.
All of them in English. I’m refusing to read anything in Swedish (well at least book written in English, I’m tired of translations).

I’m gonna have to sell some books soon.. or get another shelf. And a flat to put it in.