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Can’t get enough of my deer.


Modded FL Littlefee Piki by Sint. Face-up by Caroline, Viridian House.

3 little puki girls.


Couldn’t help myself after making one of these sets for Pukis, I had to make two more. I am in love with these tiny flowers from ‘Liberty’. I wish I had endless of yards of it, that would mean I could get a skirt of my own.

Lovi, Veil and Lyra.



I’m starting to really like this lady. Just 1,5 years after her arrival.

Little dolls in illustrations.


Christin found this place to make these.. things. So in a bored state I made the whole doll family.

[Made at: plustg.com/dream]

Lati whites on Puki bodies.


I just modded my Lati Whites. Finally they can pose! Actually, Belle hasn’t been able to stand for years.
Thanks to Louise this finally happened.

The Lati White Belle had to have her neck hole modded with a beveller, was not very hard. Lati White SP has a perfect fit from start.

Choco Puki Rose, Lati White SP mystic Bayer & Lati White Belle.



I got my Person 8 from Secretdoll this week. She’s really amazing. She makes me want a little army of persons.

This is Theodora.

And for some funny stories, check her set at my flickr.



Finally I found the wig that’s perfect for Nellface! It’s a mohair medium brown one from Ruby Red Galleria. They are super fast on shipping out orders.
And it’s attached to a wig cap, not skin. So many great mohair wigs are attached to skin caps, and I refuse to buy those.

She’s wearing a dress from fakeblondie.

Look who arrived!


This is Veil.
Lati White SP Bayer – limited version.

Elvira and kitty talk.


Elvira from today.

- – – – – – – -

I bought a kitchen scale today for the cats food. She can only have 32g (yeah..) two times a day. The measure cup that we have is very inaccurate and she’s hungry all the time.
Last night I was trying to sleep, and the cat was hungry. She then thinks the best way to show us she is hungry is to be as annoying as she possibly can. She went into my fabric stash (one time I found her lying IN there in the middle of the night), I heard the scratching she had to do to get in there. After moving her I tried to sleep again, 5 minutes later I hear strange noises from the kitchen. She was sitting like a statue ON the counter by her cat food bag, completely still just staring at me. All I saw was the white markings on her head. She is so sneaky!
I feel bad for not being able to give her food when she’s hungry.

And I can no longer keep her food at this excellent place on the counter.

Lyra vs. Mario


Wakely is home!


Woha! My Lati green Lea arrived yesterday afternoon. I’ve named her Wakely. She’s soo lovely. Her face-up is really soft and she’s totally pale. I’ve fallen big for this size and I can’t wait to buy another body for the extra head everyone recieved as a gift from Lati this time.
She’s in the set I made for her. It suits her so perfect it’s insane.